Why you should drink a glass of water as soon as you get up

What is your routine as soon as you get up? Many choose to get in the shower when they get out of bed and others are not a person if they don't drink a cup of that magic potion to wake the brain called coffee. The truth is there are many ways to start the day, and some healthier than others. In any case, science unanimously recommends drinking a glass of water to stay hydrated as soon as the day starts.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that two to three liters of water a day should be drunk daily to stay properly hydrated (about eight glasses). As in any other health issue, depending on the age, sex or physical activity you do, you should consume more or less. But without any doubt, The most important drink is the one you give as soon as you get up, since it helps the body to activate and improves the metabolic and digestive function.

Water is not only good for the intestine, but also for bones and joints, as it keeps these areas ready for everyday wear.

Water is "liquid gold" for the body, as it ensures Angela Lemond, spokesperson for the Nutrition Academy to 'USA Today'. "Drinking water every day is vital for the body to function properly," he emphasizes. Therefore, if you really want to enjoy a healthy life, it is advisable that Start by staying hydrated as soon as you get out of bed. Next, we will see a series of benefits associated with this practice of drinking water just after waking up.

"Overnight, the body can become partially dehydrated ", warn Maria Peña, a doctor specializing in obesity at the Mount Sinai clinic. "What many people do early in the morning is to bet on coffee, but Water is much better for health. If you drink a cup of coffee, also drink a good glass of water afterwards. "

What do we do with coffee?

In addition, we must bear in mind that coffee is a vasodilator substance, which will leave the body with less water reserves. Therefore, it is very important to counteract this effect with a good glass of mineral water. "Our bodies are quite dry as soon as we get up", corroborates on his part Lemond. "Also, if you rehydrate in the morning you are developing a healthy habit that, if done routinely, will allow you to stay perfectly hydrated for the rest of the day."

Similarly, it is also important to keep in mind the purifying effect of water for the organism. Among other things, because it guarantees that your metabolism works at full capacity. "Being more hydrated, you are eliminating bad bacteria from your body and the water at the same time allows the good ones to grow, "Peña reiterates. This is a logical consequence: if you drink more water, you will urinate more and go more to the bathroom. After all, it is the natural shape of the body of Get rid of waste.

But it's not only good for our guts, also for bones and joints, since it keeps these areas fresh, prepared for everyday wear. Another detail is that if you are looking to lose weight, the glasses of water can make you feel full, so you will have less fat breakfast if you bet on a healthy breakfast based on fruits and cereals, and above all, water.

And before bedtime?

Just like it happens to your body in the morning, At night it is also essential that you stay hydrated. Especially if, now with the temperature changes, you have a lot of thermal sensitivity and at night you are either very cold or very hot. H2O helps maintain a balanced body temperature level. This means that if you are dehydrated you may feel too cold or hot.

In addition, drink too a glass of water at night not only gets a more restful and warm sleep, but also improve your breathing. Especially if you are asthmatic or suffer from seasonal allergy, since when you are asleep the airways contract and narrow, causing breathing difficulties. However, if you adopt this good habit, you can keep your respiratory system well hydrated and relaxed.

Another of the most notable advantages of this consumption of a glass of water before bedtime is that it is very positive for cardiovascular health. Even more if you feel thirsty before going to bed: Don't hold back and have a good drink.