Why the coronavirus epidemic has run out of toilet paper in supermarkets

Maybe the coronavirus is transmitted through the air and its symptoms are respiratory … but in light of the behavior of the Spanish in front of the supermarket shelves, anyone would think that if we catch the disease we are going to be cloistered in our bathroom. But everything has its explanation: from the panic caused by this disease and which has led people to rob the supermarkets until the most coveted product of the moment is toilet paper.

Or at least that's how the psychologist Steven Taylor on CNN: the obsession that toilet paper rolls are not lacking in our bathroom in the midst of a pandemic is one logical response motivated by social panic before a global threat that escapes any control. And the fact that the news reported that in Australia this object had become the most coveted in the midst of a health crisis It has made it become a trending topic in our desires, because fear is spread as much as the coronavirus and the behaviors to combat that fear, too.

Further, for our mind, toilet paper is associated with hygiene and cleanliness, and what is the only method that has been explained to us that works to prevent coronavirus infection? Exactly, hygiene and cleanliness. Between the contagion of Australian behaviors, the fact that the absence of toilet paper on supermarket shelves is more evident than if, for example, people were to accumulate toothpicks (simply because they are more bulky) and the obsession with Hygiene, together we have managed to get hold of four or five packages of this product as a good idea.

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