Why sunlight could help you sleep well?

Few things are as simple and as comforting as a good rest. During the night our body eliminates toxins and repairs itself, while our brain stores and processes information. Therefore, lack of sleep can affect our health and general wellbeing even more than we think.

Believe it or not, We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping and we could not survive without resting!

Now, what does sleeping in the sunlight have to do with it? Is it not that light negatively affects a good rest?

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Exposure to light helps us establish our circadian rhythm, our "internal clock", through specialized sensors within the eye that detect the light and dark cycle in the environment and adjust the internal rhythm to match.

One of the signs or evidences of the importance of this process is, for example, the decompensation that happens when traveling long distances. The body needs to be exposed to light to adjust, little by little, to the new rhythm of sleep.

What happens Nowadays it is that, when working in offices, many people are not exposed to the changes of light in the day, and that affects the quality of our sleep.

Bodies, therefore, need to be exposed to sunlight, not artificial light. There are places where their absence, for example, can generate disorders, such as the seasonal affective (SAD), which affects around 8% of Europeans.

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So, reducing exposure to light before going to bed-for example, not using both the cell phone-and trying to receive more morning light, are some small actions that can help improve the quality of sleep.

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