Why sleeping a lot can have a negative effect on your weight

Undoubtedly, sleeping well has multiple benefits not only for physical health, but also for the state of mind. Or do not you feel in a better mood if you have been able to rest well? However, there are those who argue that sleeping a lot could make us gain weight.

A new investigation sheds some light on this issue. Keep reading to know more!

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According to a group of researchers from the University of Colorado, sleeping a lot could make us gain weight, especially when we rest more than our body needs to recover, as it usually happens on weekends or during vacations.

What is this about? Any change in regular sleep patterns could alter the circadian cycle and, with it, the metabolism, causing it to slow down.

Specifically, sleeping a lot impacts on:

  • Slower digestion
  • Sensation of lack of energy
  • More need to eat sweet foods
  • Less fat burning

In addition, as noted, sleeping a lot could increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and obesity, among other health problems.

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Try to be regular in your schedules, dinner earlier and avoid stress situations before going to bed to favor a good rest.

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