Why shouldn't you shower with cold water in summer?

We have been there. What else fancy in summer is a cold shower To ease the heat. Although when there is no shower, everything is valid: a fan at maximum power, a glass of water with lots of ice or on extreme occasions (and more than being at home) a fan. Now we understand our grandmothers when they took it out of the bag in early June.

It seems very obvious: if you're hot, something cold will make you solve the bad drink, but … it's really not as simple as it seems. We explain why.


As a quick fix, yes: a cold shower will take your flush away Due to the temperature contrast. However, in the long term, the effect will be worse. When we wet the skin with cold water, it will send a signal to the body that we are trying to lower the temperature, so internally it will try to balance this mismatch by producing more heat. The body will try not to lose temperature in that area and as a result, when leaving the shower, the thermal sensation will be higher than when we enter.

Now you understand why, many times, when you have taken showers of cold water you have finished worse than at the beginning, look, very hot and above, wanting to get back under a pleasant stream of cool water.

In addition, body temperature is not like a reflex act, but it takes time to regulate itself, so the effect will last longer than you want if what you wanted was to get rid of the heat.

What is the only solution? Take a warm shower, it does not need to be hot, it is enough that the body does not consider it an aggression and decides to level the internal temperature.

Although yes, we are very in favor of cold showers in winter, which not only will make you warm, but have multiple benefits for the body and also for the silhouette.

If it's hot, remember: fan in hand and as before, to look forward to September.

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