Why should you sleep eight hours? We reveal the impact that a bad rest has on your life

We do not sleep what we should sleep. It's that simple. Modernity and the stress have distorted us thesleep habits We currently sleep according to a single-phase pattern, that is, we have only one prolonged sleep during the night, whose average is less than six hours and these are a real problem.

The excuses for not getting enough sleep, specialists agree on an average between 7 and 8 hours, there are many: that if you have a super intense week or a lot of stress, or that you lose a lot of time on social networks, or that you have trouble falling asleep, if you have some of these excuses then you should try to find a balance in your life, Remove any distractor from your nights: mobile, television, computer, etc.

Sleep well and rest should be a priority in your lifestyle whenever you can.

Experts recommend that if you have trouble sleeping at night, try take magnesium for at night, this will help you recover muscle. You should also avoid checking your phone or email one hour before going to bed.

According to a study by the University of Texas, chaining seven nights with rest deficit causes significant genetic alterations that can lead to heart ailments and obesity, Among other pathologies.

These are some of the main impacts of not resting well in your health.

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Increases the risk of cerebrovascular collapse

An investigation of the Mayo Clinic, in the United States, revealed that sleep deficit increases the chances of suffering an accident cerebrovascular.


Rest a few hours increases appetite and the amount of food cravings high in fat and calories. This is explained because when we are not able to fall asleep, we suffer from some hormonal readjustments that lead us to be more hungry.

Sleeping 6 hours or less facilitates the production of the hormone related to the appetite, ghrelin, at the same time that inhibits leptin, responsible for regulating food intake, as noted by research published in the Journal of Academy Nutrition and Dietetics.

Loss of memory

When you are tired, it is easier for you to forget about things. However, the effect of permanent lack of sleep can cause lasting problems in cognition.

During the sleep processes of memory storage are carried out, which allows ‘Reorder’ the cognitive material learned. If we do not rest enough hours, we do not benefit from this restructuring and cause brain deterioration, as noted by a study conducted at the University of California.

Little sleep can kill

An investigation made public by Journal Sleep revealed that those they sleep less than 7 hours They have a shorter life expectancy. Those who sleep a few hours are four times more likely to die in the next 15 years because of different pathologies.

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