Why should you get up at 5 in the morning every day?

Surely by just reading the headline of this article you have a horrible dream. If every morning most mortals beg for 5 more minutes to the alarm clock, there are now new studies and leadership gurus that confirm that getting up at 5 in the morning is the best thing you can do in your life.

But surely you ask yourself, why do you need to get up so early? According to Robin Sharma, author of "The club at 5 in the morning", getting up early and creating that new habit in our life will bring us many very positive results among them the sleep improvement, be more focused, have more creativity and energy to do everything on time without letting go of what costs us the most.

In addition, you feel happier to meet your weekly agenda because you have greater productivity, an improvement in the organization … which causes you to feel more proud of yourself and above all, Feeling productive and awake while others are still sleeping also generates a sense of well-being.

And is that creating a new habit is always something that is not easy and much less, if it is early. The expert says that by spending 66 days waking up regularly and on time our body will have adapted completely.

In addition, there are studies that we affirm Sharma show that the first 60 minutes of the day determine how you will spend the rest of the day That is why we must focus a lot on the activities that enhance our interior. Leave the phone aside and during these minutes devote ourselves only to us.

The law of 20-20-20

The leadership expert also recommends applying the 20-20-20 law during the first 60 minutes of the day. How do you recommend doing this cast? 20 minutes would be dedicated to the sport that will help clear our minds and create endophins that will convey a lot of positivity, perfect to start off on the right foot! With sport we mean any activity that makes you move or that you like the most: from yoga or pilates to running or cycling. The next 20 minutes are dedicated to planning your day, that is, to see how you can perform all the tasks and activities that you have to do in the most productive and efficient way possible.

And finally, dedicate the 20 minutes remaining to training and personal growth. See a conference that helps you grow internally, that motivates you to perform the tasks of the day … take the opportunity to read that book that motivates you so much and with which you learn so much about yourself, about your profession, about any aspect of your life … Try it and then tell us how it went, do you want to belong to the club at 5 in the morning?

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