Why nuts are NOT fattening and are the perfect snack (Carlos Ríos word)

We must recognize that in the newsroom we have embraced 'realfooding' as a lifestyle (what it really is) rather than as a technique for losing weight. Winning in health always balances the scale and now that we can define ourselves as 'expert realfooders' (with the odd bump, it must be said: the important thing is to get back on track) we are taking stock of the snacks we like the most, which are healthy and fleeing the ultra-processed. If you are carrying out a very exhaustive calorie count to lose weight, yesterday we told you what were the snacks for less than 60 calories more appetizing that will solve the summer and although the nuts were not present, that does not mean that get fat or are not healthy.

Carlos Rios He explains it in an Instagram post in a very clear way, for users who refer to nuts as a fattening food, that has many calories or that is even rated as insane by some food applications that scan the code of bars of the product to fully understand its nutritional value.

The post started like this: "Yesterday I received several criticisms that real food with fat makes you very fat and that some Apps discourage nuts because they have a lot of this fat. But let's go to the scientific data. Nuts are associated with a favorable control of body weight through multiple mechanisms, "wrote the nutritionist in the publication. And he listed them:

"The estimated caloric content of these foods does not coincide with the usable caloric content. The overestimation can be higher than 30% in the case of almonds, 20% walnuts and 5% pistachios. When you look at the kcal that these foods provide you in the label, you are seeing figures much higher than those that really bring you, "he stated in the post. It also referred to the satiety generated by nuts, that can combat hunger attacks, avoid the intake of ultra-processed foods and reduce caloric intake at the end of the day. Likewise, the microbiota also comes into play when we talk about this snack, "Nuts can positively modulate the microbiota through its richness in fiber, unsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols. This improves satiety pathways in the long term."

And if that were not enough, it is proven that they induce thermogenesis, so they help you lose weight, "These foods can slightly increase thermogenesis induced by diet. It is the energy expenditure to metabolize them," Carlos Ríos said in the post.

And above all, he highlights in the final part of the publication, "Regarding studies evaluating the relationship of nuts and body weight, observational evidence shows that the consumption of these foods is an indicator of a healthy lifestyle and that, therefore, its consumption is associated with preventive effects on weight gain ", so the belief that nuts make you fat not only falseThey can positively interfere with healthy weight loss.

In short, "an intake of 50 g of nuts per day is recommended and does not make you fat", according to the nutritionist, and that is, studies support this information.

No more pecking cookies! Nuts DO NOT get fat! Word from Carlos Ríos.

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