Why mosquitoes bite some people more than others

It does not matter the day, the hour or what you are doing. The moment you step into a park or a natural environment in which there is not much traffic, you return home with one, two or three grains caused by the mosquito bites. In addition, it seems that of all those with whom you have decided to take the walk you are the only one with whom these little insects are fed. What is this about? Is there a mechanism by which these beings identify you as prey in front of other individuals?

In reality, they are one of the deadliest killers out there, since in certain countries being bitten by a mosquito can mean death by infecting you with very serious diseases. In any case, the good thing is that the pimple or skin irritation disappears on its own within a few days in most cases, Although there are some who, due to having a weakened immune system, may experience low-grade fever or swollen lymph nodes.

It is not we who attract them, but more specifically the bacteria that inhabit the surface of our skin

Mosquitoes are guided when executing their bite by the chemical trace that we leave in the environment. Females are guided through sensory mechanisms that capture the body odor given off by a person sweating. And in particular, carbon dioxide, which together with skin chemicals create "scent plumes" that the mosquito continues like breadcrumbs, being able to detect these signals several meters away.

"Each person emits more than 300 chemicals through his skin, plus another 100 in each exhaled breath, "he points out Bart Knols, an expert biologist in insects, in the magazine 'The Healthy'. Curiously, they are attracted more by the smell of the skin than by carbon dioxide, hence they immediately go to areas that are not covered by the skin. This also explains why mosquitoes are attracted to strong odors even if there is no carbon dioxide around them, just like for example flies.

Another compound they are attracted to is lactic acid. Depending on the species of mosquito, they will be more attracted to one chemical than another. "Bacteria on the skin break down the elements that we detach from the epidermis, such as sweat "Knols says. "Therefore, it is not we who attract them, but more specifically the bacteria that inhabit the surface of our skin."

The reality is that there are many myths by which certain people attract mosquitoes more or less than others. It is also said that this type of insect has a preference for certain blood groups over others. For example, type O and negative B are the most attractive, while the A not so much. Another factor that is discussed is the fact that people who drink alcohol frequently eliminate certain biochemical substances through sweat that these bugs immediately catch.

How to keep them at bay?

Although it is obviously difficult to resist and avoid being bitten, experts have some tricks that can reduce the chances of being chosen as a victim. One of them is avoid perfumes that smell too sweet or use hair sprays. Also this type of insects are attracted to colors and objects that reflect light, so we should wear a rather dark clothing if we do not want to go home with a sting.

Likewise, air conditioning or fans will effectively repel them, as they prefer warm environments. In short, it is very complex to prevent them from biting, and the concept of summer vacation is almost associated with having several grains in different parts of the body due to their bite. If you think the bite has gotten worse or you have got a very ugly rash on your skin because of it, it is best that you go to a medical examination to solve the problem as soon as possible.