Why long walks will change your life and put you in shape

Sometimes we despise those little things we do every day and the ones we barely repair. A fact as natural as walking, feel the fresh air as you increase the speed of your legs and stop peacefully at some point and then continue while thought and ideas flow, should not go unnoticed.

You can be lazy when it comes to exercise, sign up for a gym and go religiously every day to the treadmill along with so many other people. But if you never liked gyms because of the environment so loaded with sweat and recycled air, The best option will always be to walk where your steps take you. What about those dissipated Sunday mornings strolling through a public park in your city? Or much better: organize a getaway with friends to a nearby town to enjoy nature and then share a good meal around a good stove.

For walking to be considered physical exercise you must maintain the heart rate at 140 beats or more per minute

Healthy life plans sometimes seem to consist of very restrictive measures to which you have to adapt fighting your instincts. But, what is healthier than getting lost in some old city, without pause but without hurry, until you feel really tired and wanting to return home? In the accelerated times in which we live, it is worth betting on such plans. Before pollution and climate change devour us, we must take advantage of those moments in company or in solitude in which nature is present. What is healthier than giving you a good fresh air bath?

Benefits for body and mind

Years ago the Costa Rican researcher Rodrigo Molina Zúñiga He published a study detailing the great benefits of hiking. After all, they are part of that set of aerobic exercises in which almost all bones and muscles are involved. However, for exercise to be considered you must produce and maintain the heart rate at 140 beats per minute, or even more.

Zúñiga mentions the following advantages when exercising: strengthens breathing muscles and facilitates the entry and exit of air into the lungs; improvement of the strength and efficiency of cardiac impulses, which allows the sending of more blood; greater ability to transport oxygen to the lungs; tones the muscles of the whole body, improves circulation and Increase the number of red blood cells by 98%, oxygen transporters to other organs of the human body.

Immune function improvement

In the same way, it has been shown that this activity also improves the body's immune function, which means that you will get rid of more of a cold or flu than if you did not. A study by Appalachian State University found that those who walked an average of five times a week had 43% fewer sick days than those who exercised once a week or less. Almost nothing. Y in the case of contracting some type of bacterial or viral conditionIt was of a much shorter duration or its symptoms were milder.

And the social factor

Apart from this series of benefits, another important one stands out, and that of the social factor. In our lives full of responsibilities and obligations it is necessary enjoy the company of our loved ones to be healthy physically and mentally. And one of the best plans to do in company is undoubtedly to go for a walk without also knowing very clearly the place where the steps will take you. If possible, the levels of trust between your companion and you will improve if you choose a natural path, which will mean that your relationship will be strengthened. What can be healthier?

Also to lose weight

If you're thinking of lowering those awkward scale numbers but you feel too lazy or too old for big efforts, The best thing is that you start walking without knowing the destination. A study by the University of Exeter found that a 15-minute walk can reduce cravings for candy, as well as binge-making of industrial pastries. In short, you have no excuses for enjoy a long walk until sunset or until lunchtime. If you have the day off, you feel full of energy and also eager to have fun doing physical activity, this is your best plan.