Why it's so much better to be in the dark when you go to the bathroom

It says one known poetry that of the pleasures without sinning, the sweetest is the shit. According to the latest studies on the subject (yes, there are, even if it surprises you), at least three quarters of Americans spend that time reflecting on the toilet bowl with the phone in your hand, including members of the Generation Z. Probably in the rest of the world, including Spain, the thing does not change much. Other less technological prefer to sit with a magazine or a book in their hands, and take the opportunity to enter other worlds.

Now, the journalist Zak Jason in 'Wired' advocates returning to our origins, when the human being was nomadic and went to the call of nature without any modesty or entertainment of the postmodern world. As if it were introduced in the cavern of Plato, Jason claims to have felt a religious experience, like that of Enrique Iglesias, in an occasion in which, according to his own words, "the combination of coffee, eggs and chorizo ​​in my interior ran towards outputs and I had to urgently go to the bathroom. "

Most mobile phones have fecal matter, so if you go to the bathroom with them, it's the same as not having washed your hands

In ecstasy, as Mark Renton facing the worst toilet in Scotland, journalist literally collapsed on the toilet of a bar, without even worrying about turning on the lights. "The immediate liberation, wrapped in shadows, was cosmic, like awakening from a nightmare, realizing that it is ChristmasI'm five years old and I can fly, "he says." I have not been able to return to live a similar experience, but I'm still going to the bathroom with light off"

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The doctor Anish Sheth, in his book 'What's your poo teling you? ' or 'What is your poop saying?' reveals why it is so pleasant to go to the bathroom. He even mentions the term 'poo-phoria' (something like euphoria for shitting), because, apparently, the movement of the bowels stimulates the vagus nerve, which descends from the brain to the colon, passing through the heart and stomach. This nerve play a role fundamental in many bodily functions and, when stimulated, causes sweating and chills and also causes fall your heart rate and blood pressure, so much so that sometimes you could get to faint. This is called defecatory syncope.

"Some compare this euphoria for shit with a religious experience or an orgasm, "he explains." In the process, they release endorphins"And, why do you prefer to do it in the dark completely as if you were back in The uterus? "Going to the bathroom with your phone only makes things more difficult, on the one hand you have more chances of spending time on the toilet – as with reading – so the possibilities of developing hemorrhoids and others gastrointestinal diseases"In addition, another study conducted in UK discovered that the 16% of the mobiles contained fecal material. Taking the phone to the bathroom is like not having washed your hands.

Jason is a fervent defender, therefore, that you go to the toilet with your only presence and with nothing in your hands. If it's dark, better. "We've spent too much time watching screens, those moments when you're sitting in the cup, trying to our eyes get used to the darkness, they are great to reflect on our existence and meditate, while we let pleasure go all over our body. "That's right, before you clean yourself better turn on the light. take that risk.