Why is it not a good idea for your coronavirus mask to have a seam right in the center?

In so far this year We have gone from not knowing if the blue part of the masks or the white part goes forward or backward to becoming experts in legislation, advantages and disadvantages of each type of mask and manual of use and washing of each one of them. But we never stop learning new things and it has been Marian Garcia (apothecary García) who has revealed to us in his account Twitter (@boricariagarcia) that perhaps the masks that we have bought to protect ourselves from the coronavirus are not the safest. The reason? Security can be escaped through the seams.

How are the safest reusable masks

In her Twitter thread, the disseminator and pharmacist explains that cloth masks with a vertical center seam do not meet safety requirements that are required of this type of product. The reason is that that seam that runs through the chin, nose and mouth is like a window that damages the structure of the mask and compromises its safety.


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In addition, Marián García reminds us that in our country this type of fabric masks, to be considered as such and overcome the controls that certify their characteristics and effectiveness, they must comply with the UNE 0065 standard (which is specified in the mask packaging) and that they must also follow the pattern of surgical masks: the one with the three folds and without vertical central seams (come on, the one you find in disposable masks).


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The only masks that they do have a central seam and they do protect against the coronavirus are the FFP2 (which are different from disposable and hygienic). In your case, this seam is done by heat sealing.

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