Why is it important to take care of children's skin in summer?

Surely more than once you've wondered if during the summer the skin of children requires special care. In relation to the importance of taking care of children's skin, Anna Codina (2003) points out that:

"The thickness of the epidermis and the lipid composition in children and infants do not vary significantly from that of adults. In contrast, the epidermis of the premature baby is markedly thinner, with a stratum corneum still underdeveloped »

For this reason the skin care of premature babies are – according to the author – extremely important and it is clear that, before these characteristics, should be taken into account The greatest risk of penetration of drugs and products applied topically to premature babies.

Take care of children's skin in summer

It is important to be careful with the application of topical products on the skin of children.

With regard to babies and children, Codina also points out that they already have an epidermis that fulfills one of its primary functions, the cutaneous barrier.

In any case, there are differences in the development of both the epidermis and the dermis, since it is not complete at birth. We can say that the skin begins a process of maturation and postnatal adaptation and, gradually, it looks more and more like the skin of the adult.

Based on the above, «It is essential to take special care when applying topical agents on children's skin, since the relationship between body surface area and weight is higher than in adults, with the consequent increase in the risk of percutaneous absorption ", – Anna Codina reaffirms.

Another physiological characteristic in childhood is that The elastic fibers of children from 3 years old are already similar to those of adults.

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Concerns related to the sun

It is not a minor fact to take precautions when sunbathing and highlight the issue of photoprotection in childhood. It never hurts to insist on the importance of protecting children from the sun's rays, first with the right clothes (caps, shirts) and then with creams and photo-protective milk.

It is essential to consider that is during childhood and adolescence when we receive more than half of the ultraviolet radiation, which, being cumulative, may eventually develop cutaneous cancer.

The idea is not to offer an apocalyptic look on the subject, but Take the necessary measures so that the act of diving in a pool and walking on the beach is the object of joy and pleasure.

Therefore, when sunbathing we must maximize the sun protection in children, which is added to the rest of measures for skin care in childhood.

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Advances in the subject: cutaneous microbiota

Understanding the role of cutaneous microbiota and its relation to skin diseases could be key to improving treatments.

According to information from the Biocodex Microbiota Institute: «The skin is composed and covered by hundreds of species of living microorganisms, organized in a very specific way: the cutaneous microbiota. An alteration of that balance can cause a disease of the skin ».

It has – according to the same source – several functions: defensive, cutaneous barrier and immune system regulator. The cutaneous microbiota thus evolves progressively and it varies from one individual to another according to different factors.

«His imbalance is related to dermatological diseases, such as acne, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. Understanding the implication of the cutaneous microbiota in the mechanisms that cause some skin diseases would allow to improve its treatment ".

Conclusions …

  • The skin of children requires special care and even more during the summer.
  • While premature babies are more sensitive, children also require additional care until progressively your skin approaches the conditions of the adult.
  • Photoprotection is always essential, although in childhood and adolescence it acquires special borders.
  • It is important to be attentive to the research on the cutaneous microbiota that can illuminate the subject.
  • Finally, the most important is the axiom regarding the skin care of children: Prevention is better than cure.

Did you know how important it is to take care of children's skin in summer? Now that the doubts have been resolved, Do not hesitate to reinforce the care at this time of year. This way you will keep your little ones protected and you can enjoy without worries.