Why is it important to separate clothes by color before washing them?

The reality is that laundry is a tedious activity. You get soaked, you spend a lot of time doing it and you have to wait for it to dry to settle it. Now imagine that the task becomes more complicated by not separating the clothes by color.

Most of the people ignore the composition of the clothes they wear. If it should be put into hot or cold water, the material of the cloth and the symbols on the label. There are several ways to separate clothes, but the main recommendation is to do it by color, paying special attention to each garment.

Importance of separating clothes by colors before washing them

By separating the clothes by colors we are guaranteeing the durability of the garment and its quality. We prevent pigments from coming off and staining the other fabrics, causing a mess.

Mixing white clothes with purple and black in the drum that you dip them in with soap and water can be disastrous. Now think about the white clothes and how they will look when you take them out. Ensuring the good condition of the garments when they leave the washing machine is the reason why everything must be separated.

To separate the clothes, first the colored ones are separated, then the dark garments and finally the white ones. It is advisable to wash warm colors on one side and cold colors on the other. That is, the reds, yellows and oranges go one way. The purples, blues and grays of another.

The task of washing is usually tedious, but separating by colors before and after makes the process easier.

Tricks for washing colored clothes

To properly clean colored garments without fading, you should follow some tips. The main one is to wash clothes with a suitable temperature. Cold water will prevent the colors from mixing.

If the garment is new, it must be washed separately and by hand the first few times. Don't ignore the labels. There is the information on how the fabric reacts to the temperature of the water and the risks of fading.

As a general rule, do not overfill the washing machine. What you can achieve is that the clothes are dirty and have to be washed again. So you must know your appliances and know what their capacity is.

Another interesting trick is to put the clothes in a container with cold water and a little salt for 10 minutes or add a spoon of boric acid powder to your first washes. For its part, the baking soda with cold water keeps the colors alive.

If you do not have boric acid at home or you are not convinced by the idea of ​​salt, you can use white vinegar. Before the first wash add two cups of white vinegar, put the clothes in and then a little water. Leave on for 15 minutes. Then continue as usual.

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Tricks for washing white clothes

White clothes are always separated from the rest. As dirt accumulates in certain areas, the ideal is to put stain removers on the collars and cuffs of the shirts.

White clothes are washed at warm temperatures and left to dry in the sun, as this is a natural bleach. Remember that the intention is to make it as white as possible for a while. If we see that the garment begins to turn yellowish, we can use a water softener cap. The presence of lime in the water can turn clothing yellow, as well as pollution factors in the air in the area.

It is recommended to use natural products and avoid chemicals having contact with fabrics such as polyester or cotton. Other agents that tend to yellow clothes are deodorants and perfumes. So it is better to avoid them.

A natural stain remover that you can use is baking soda., as clarified by a study conducted by the American Dental Association. For this, mix the baking soda with water, hydrogen peroxide, or vinegar. Form a paste and rub it on the stain. Leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse with plenty of warm water to remove excess.

If you don't have baking soda on hand, you can use lemon juice. Fill a pot with water and lemon wedges and bring it to a boil. Soak the white shirts for an hour and then wash regularly.

Another option you have is milk. Soak the white shirt in a bowl of milk and leave for a couple of hours. Then rinse as usual.

Baking soda is a natural bleach, so it can be used for light garments.

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Different ways to separate clothes by colors

Clothes are also usually divided according to the degree of soiling or the type of fabric. In such a way that, if you have very dirty clothes of different colors, it is best that you prioritize the color system to avoid a greater tragedy.

Remember that the idea is to preserve the garments as much as possible and remove them from the wash as if they were still new. In this way you prolong its useful life and damage the tissues less.