Why is Hazard injured more at Real Madrid than at Chelsea?

Eden Hazard is listed as the worst signing in the history of Real Madrid, since the meringues paid 115 million euros for his incorporation, but injuries have been the common denominator so far. Why are you injured more at Madrid than at Chelsea?

Last update: June 09, 2021

Since his arrival in 2019 from Chelsea, Eden Hazard has been announced with great fanfare as the heir to Cristiano Ronaldo's number 7. A capital responsibility that has not been able to face. For now accumulates 12 injuries that have led him to a limited contribution of 5 goals and 8 assists in two seasons. But why is Hazard more injured at Real Madrid?

Surprisingly, Hazard has suffered the same number of injuries in two seasons at Madrid as those accumulated in 7 years defending the London team's shirt. Thigh injury, ankle hematoma, a fine fissure in the foot, fibula problems, muscle injuries and even COVID-19 are some of the physical inconveniences that have taken him away from the playing fields.

Now, as a result of this scenario of recurring absences, Various hypotheses have been evidenced that try to explain why Hazard is more injured in Madrid than at Chelsea. In short, we are going to find out what could be the cause that El Duque has not triumphed so far in the White House.

Theories of why Hazard is injured more in Madrid

In the strange case of Hazard during his time at the White House There is not a single answer. In fact, we will explore the main theories that specialists have put forward.

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1. Diet problems

Hazard is a footballer with a tendency to gain weight easily. This would be taking its toll from its first day. The Belgian attacker himself assured in statements for Sport / Foot Magazine: “If I'm on vacation, I'm on vacation. I picked up five kilos in the summer. I am one of those who gain weight fast and lose it too. At Lille, at 18, I weighed 72 or 73 kilos and when I gained muscle I went to 75. And on a bad day, 77 ”.

The poor diet that the left winger incurs in each holiday period could be a trigger for muscle injuries. Thus, the consequences of inadequate nutrition are as follows:

  • Energy reduction.
  • Affectation of physical recovery cycles.
  • Poor function of the organs.
  • Alterations in the body's defenses.
Sudden weight gains affect muscles, ligaments and joints, as they are overloaded by the new dimensions.

2. Psychological complication

Belgian national team doctor Kris Van Crombrugge, who knows Hazard's talent and way of working closely, brought to light a theory associated with stress. In this sense, the origin of so many difficulties could be found in the immense pressure that exists in Real Madrid to win all the competitions in dispute.

The summary explanation of how stress can affect muscles is in the launch of the substance cortisol. This hormone increases glucose requirements. How is this requirement compensated? Well, taking the amino acids of the muscle, that is, glutamine.

In consecuense, muscle mass is lost and fat appears. Therefore, the risk of injuries increases in a superlative way, giving way to sprains, contractures, fibrillar breaks, among others.

3. Poor exercise

Another of the theories of why Hazard is injured more in Madrid than in Chelsea it's based on bad training. The proof is in the words of former teammates that the skilled attacker had at Chelsea. Mainly John Obi Mikel, who said that the footballer born in La Louvière did not make an effort in physical work to prepare the matches, but afterwards he was the best in official duels.

This lack of physical constancy can be a source of accumulated muscular imbalances. What is added to his 30 years of age, a stage in which the downward curve in the performance of the players usually begins. Except for some athletes who break the pattern, like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimović and Luka Modrić.

4. Style of play

Hazard's style of play is very demanding on a physical level. And it is that the captain of the Diables Rouges He constantly imposes individual duels in which he shows sudden changes of pace and changes in direction to overcome his rivals. That constant demand for torque could be making it difficult for you to recover properly from your many injuries.

5. Zinedine Zidane's Real Madrid physical trainer

We come to the last of the theories associated with why Hazard is injured more in Madrid. The central reason would be in the physical trainer of the second era of Zinedine Zidane. We refer to Gregory Dupont, who is nicknamed as The scientist.

The truth is that during his tenure, the total number of injuries stands at 114. Of which 55 are from the 2019-20 season and 59 from the 2020-21.

Among those affected by what seems to be a miscalculation in the distribution of loads in the season is Hazard. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has caused many mismatches in the calendar and an unprecedented string of matches, giving way to problems.

Despite this, if compared to other teams, the Viking team has faced 23 more injuries than Barcelona. Likewise, in relation to Atlético de Madrid, La Liga champions, the difference is 33 injuries.

Back-to-back matches, poor training and poor load distributions can be behind injuries in soccer. This could be the case with Hazard.

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Hazard's final hope at Real Madrid

There is still no precise answer to why Hazard is injured more in Madrid. Although it could be the union of all the exposed factors. Fortunately for the player, he still has a contract with the Whites until 2024 and will have a new physical trainer (Antonio Pintus), an expert who led the Italian Serie A champion Inter Milan.

The big question is whether Hazard can recover his best version fighting against the inexorable passage of time. For his part, Carlo Ancelotti -as a brand-new merengue strategist- will have the responsibility that the former star of the Blues retake the flashes of galactic.

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