Why is everyone drinking black lemonade? See how it is done

And you will be wondering … How is black lemonade made? The color is because among its ingredients, in addition to lemons and water, is the activated carbon, a substance that gives a black color to everything that is added to it. In fact it will sound especially because there are facial masks with this same tone. And so far we had seen using this product in cosmetics, as it has purifying properties for the skin and helps eliminate toxins. But activated carbon has now reached the foodie world and fitness … and it seems that he is succeeding.

Simply type on Instagram the words "black lemonade" or look for the hashtag #blacklemonade so that quickly appear before our eyes several images of a dark drink that, let's face it: does not paint anything appetizing. However, it has become fashionable since many consider that it houses detox properties and that can help lose weight.

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Is it safe to drink black lemonade?

The fashion for this soda is due to the fact that it is associated with the ability to be detox. And the theory is not completely misguided: activated carbon (which is obtained by decomposing coconut husks at very high temperatures) is one of the most absorbent substances that exist. It catches toxins, gases, bacteria … That's why it is used to filter water, purify oils, etc. The problem is that activated carbon also carries nutrients such as vitamins or minerals..

Because you cannot say that it is precisely advisable to drink black lemonade or at least you should not abuse it. Nothing happens to drink a glass on an empty stomach from time to time (no danger has been found in it), but if you mix it with the rest of the meals, it will take essential nutrients that our body needs to get from food.

Activated carbon acts as a magnet on skin impurities, making it a great ally in cosmetics. But not so much in food, so probably black lemonade It finally becomes a fad.

Recipe: how to make black lemonade?


  • 2 lemons
  • 1 liter of water
  • Sweetener to taste: two tablespoons of honey or two of stevia if we do not want to add sugar
  • 1 tablet or tablespoon of activated charcoal *
  • 100 grams of ice cubes (optional)

Mix all the ingredients in the blender glass and ready to serve.

* Activated carbon is sold in tablets, powder or tablets They melt in the water. You can buy herbalists, pharmacies, bio stores or Amazon.

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