Why is a horn coming out of the skull? The mobile is the big culprit

Our anatomy is changing: with the passage of centuries, the human body is evolving, minimizing some of the parts that we use the least and strengthening those that increasingly have greater influence. But the most curious thing is that the latest evolution discovered by the experts has to do with the use of technology: and that is that mobile phones are causing our body have a 'bone' that did not exist until now.

This is what emerges from the latest research carried out by David Shahar, expert specialized in health sciences at the University of the Costa del Sol (Queensland, Australia). In the latest studies conducted by the Australian scientist, he has been able to verify a reality: we are growing a small horn in the back of our skull. The reason? Possibly the use of the mobile phone has caused its unexpected appearance.

"I have been a doctor for more than 20 years and in the last decade I have discovered that many of my patients they have this little bump on the skullSahar says in a statement to the BBC, it is a small, prominent bone like a horn that is appearing in the back of the skull, a kind of beak that usually has few millimeters in size and that it is not dangerous for health, but that it is due to our postural changes.

There is no real explanation as to why this small bump is appearing in the back of our skull, but all the theories point to appears due to hyperextension of the neck, which causes a certain tension in the skull that ends up manifesting itself like a horn. And, what is its reason for being? Bending our head steadily in strange angles to meet the screens of our mobile devices.

The head of the human being weighs an average of 5 kilos and taking it to strange angles continuously can cause our neck to end up generating more pressure than usual at the base of our skull. To relieve it, our body, which is intelligent, decides to 'endow' a small bone at the base of the skull. In fact, it is practically imperceptible to the touch, because It is estimated that it measures between 5 and 10 millimeters.

Seeing the mobile on the street has become a habit in recent years. (Reuters)

In a first study published in the 'Journal of Anatomy', the radiographs of one of 218 patients between 18 and 30 years old were taken into account.51% of those studied they had this little horn; a new study in 'Nature' took a sample of 1,200 people between 18 and 86 years old, finding 33% of cases with this bulge, especially among the younger ones. The good news is that it is not bad for your health nor does it have harmful effects.

It is simply a way that our body has to alleviate the hypothetical problems that our neck may have by forcing it to the maximum, especially by seeing the screens of our mobile devices, which it takes us an average of more than two and a half hours a day. A trend that has even caused in recent years that our body is protected with a new bone, a small horn in the back of the skull to hold the weight of our head.