Why hire an online personal trainer?

Hire a personal trainer on-line has become an option for those who, for some reason, cannot go to gyms or sports activity sites. Professional accompaniment offers many advantages when it comes to achieving training goals. It is even key to be constant and not abandon the routine.

However, it must be considered that this modality has some differences with respect to face-to-face training and, of course, several disadvantages. This time we give you reasons to access this service and what to take into account when hiring it. Keep reading!

How does an online personal trainer work?

A personal trainer on-line offers the possibility of adopt a training routine from the comfort of home, or, from the site that the person prefers. Through services streaming or video calling applications, the professional communicates in real time for the following:

  • Define some objectives.
  • Assess physical condition and medical and sports history.
  • Give nutritional advice.
  • Create an adapted training program to individual needs.
  • Keep track of the exercises so that they are executed correctly.
  • Provide constant accompaniment, not only to achieve goals, but to motivate and help find times to train.

In fact, there are those who offer consultations to advise workouts that are then carried out in the gym. However, they are usually contacted by those who are short on time or who must stay home. Let's see in detail why to hire them.

For people who do not have time to go to the gym or prefer to do routines alone, this modality is a great option.

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Why hire an online personal trainer? Main advantages

In 2015, a group of researchers from New York University School of Medicine estimated that more than half of smartphone users downloaded an app from fitness or health.

At present, with the facilities offered by the Internet and due to the confinement of the last year, it is believed that the interest in these services has increased considerably. Hence the fact that many hire a personal trainer on-line. What are the advantages?

1. Constant motivation

One of the main reasons to hire a personal trainer on-line it is motivation. It is true that you can find many alternatives to train at home or outside the gym. Nevertheless, Having the support of the professional will reduce the chances that you will abandon the routine.

The coach will not only be in charge of doing exercise programs that motivate you, but will help you to mentalize your goals and to be constant, especially when laziness begins to gain you.

2. Evaluate your physical capacity

A good coach will not suggest strenuous routines without first assessing your physical capacity. In fact, First of all, determine if you are a sedentary person or if you have the condition to fulfill demanding workouts. They will also ask about the presence of illness or injury.

3. Adapt the workouts to your time

With the support of a personal trainer on-line the excuse of lack of time will be left out. Since his interest is that you maintain the routine, he will support you with strategies to exercise when you can. It will even adapt the training if you have little time.

4. Helps you achieve your goals

The physical evaluation allows you to adapt the workouts according to the objectives you have. Therefore, advising you with a professional – even if online – it is beneficial if it comes to achieving good results.

The coach knows when to increase the level of difficulty and what activities to propose according to your interests (lose weight, tone up, increase strength, etc.).

5. Solve your doubts

Often when you start a training routine, there are doubts about how to do the exercises correctly. If you hire a personal trainer, any concerns will be resolved. Even, depending on the coach's studies, he can guide you in what is associated with nutrition.

6. It teaches you about body awareness

One of the tasks of the personal trainer on-line is to help you listen to your body. So, you will learn to recognize when you are tense or when you have the condition to comply with a training of greater resistance. This will bring you closer to your goals and also allow you to lead a healthier lifestyle.

7. It is less expensive

Hiring a gym personal trainer is more expensive than one on-line. Of course, the price may vary according to the training of the professional. Anyway, being able to train at home or any other space also saves the gym fee.

8. It is comfortable

The formation on-line is more flexible, since you can apply it from anywhere and at any time, even when leaving home. On the other hand, for many it is comfortable, since the trainings are in private spaces where no other people are watching. There are those who perform better when no one is watching.

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Disadvantages of hiring an online coach

Of course, not everything is rosy with training on-line. Whether it is effective or not depends a lot on the person. In this sense, if you have self-motivation difficulties or if you prefer social training environments, it is best that you look for other alternatives.

It must also be considered that the counseling is not the same as with face-to-face training. Although the trainer can connect in real time, it is not always easy to correct postures via on-line. When the professional is in person, they guide the exercises more precisely. Therefore, it is usually not the best option for beginners.

By last, consider that the quality of the coaches on-line it varies. Many may not even be certified. Consequently, sometimes it will be necessary to do some research to find one in the sports area.

There are a variety of online trainers who have different training and offer different plans. You have to take the time to choose.

What should you consider when hiring an online personal trainer?

As you can see, the training on-line Having the support of a personal trainer has many advantages, but also disadvantages. However, if you are thinking of hiring this service, consider the following:

  • Training level of the coach. Make sure they have a degree in sports and physical activity science. They are the most capable.
  • Coach performance. Remember that it is a personalized training. For this reason, the professional must evaluate the physical capacity first, before suggesting a certain program. If not, you may not be a good candidate.
  • Budget. This point is very important, as it will define the type of training, the time dedicated and the type of counseling. Of course, a highly trained professional will charge more.
  • References. Today, reviews and references make it easy to hire quality services. Find out what other people say about the coach you want to hire.

Physical exercise has benefits that go beyond aesthetics. It is not only a matter of taking care of body weight, but health. Thus, it is worth accessing the many alternatives that exist for your usual practice, like hiring a personal trainer on-line.