Why everyone wants Costco’s oil-free air fryer: this is the air fryer for less than 50 euros for which hours of queuing are made in the supermarket

The large supermarket chains have become the paradise of professional bargain hunters thanks to their incredible product offers that go far beyond edibles. In its corridors we find good, beautiful and cheap furniture for the living room or bedroom and decoration pieces that seem to be taken from a design store, like these lamps that interior designers love. Until now, Lidl, with proposals such as its practical side tables or its collection of armchairs and chairs that look luxurious, was the king. but it came Costco to Spain and, with the American giant, the revolution. Yes, you need to be a member to be able to buy (as has been the case for years at Makro and other stores), but they say it’s worth it when they put on sale his famous ‘airfyer’ for less than 50 euros.

As is the case every time Lidl puts out the famous food processor that overshadowed even the almighty Thermomix, Costco’s oil-free air fryer causes frenzy every time it hits Costco shelves. It’s about the model Gourmia 7 Quart Digitalan ‘air fryer’ that does not reach 50 euros and that, according to those who have tried it, achieves results that would ‘fool’ the most exquisite palate thanks to its crunchy batters and gourmet finishes.

With almost six liters of capacity, this air fryer needs 80% less oil than a traditional model (or the pan itself) to prepare classics such as potatoes, croquettes or tempura, it includes a non-stick basket, a grid for cooking at two heights and 12 different settings for different preparations, from meat to fish, vegetables or even , desserts. Because yes, in addition, it comes with an eye-catching cookbook that goes far beyond the traditional fry-ups and includes such delights as buffalo cauliflower bites, chive and cheddar crackers, salmon with lemon, dill sauce and asparagus, baked Italian eggs, or mini cheesecakes.

But why is this oilless fryer craze? Beyond the concern to carry healthier eating (Okay, it hardly uses oil, but let’s remember that we shouldn’t abuse batter, processed or sweet), the ‘air fryer’ like Costco’s Gourmia 7 are light, easy to move and take up little space, so they are perfect for small kitchens. In addition, by cooking without fats or oils, they are much cleaner and do not leave splashes or odors to ‘fritanga’

The only ‘but’ What do they put in Costco’s oil-free fryer? That it is not sold online, that queues form for hours to get the units that are put up for sale and that only two pieces can be purchased per member. And that you have to be a member, of course…

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