Why don't you lose weight? 4 mistakes you make in your diet that prevent you from losing weight

Sometimes we strive to lead a healthier and lighter life that makes us lose those two or three kilos that we have left, but it seems that nothing works. Perhaps the problem that prevents you from making peace with the scale is the fluid retention or perhaps you are killing yourself in the gym but not by those you have managed to lose half a gram. Or, most certainly, you are making any of the four mistakes that we tell you below. Take note.

Mistake 1. You underestimate the calories you eat a day

It happens to all of us, or have you never said that you don't “eat anything” but not even because of those weight loss? As a general rule (and studies show this) We all underestimate the amount of calories we eat. You may have made an effort to eat healthy and have included fewer ultra-processed foods in your diet. Congratulations, this is the way to lose weight in a healthy way. But remember, these natural nuts, in addition to being very healthy, are also caloric. Pay attention to portions and keep choosing the right foods and you will see the results.

Also, don't forget that to lose weight calorie reduction must be proportionate: it is proven that if we eat less than a thousand calories a day not only do we not lose weight, but we slow down our metabolism and we destroy muscle mass. Better, eat healthy and controlling the rations.

To overtake you have to watch the calories and be wary of what the light label has.

Mistake 2. You trust the labels

As a general rule, Be suspicious of anything that is light or reduced in fat or 0% sugar. Don't confuse marketing and nutrition. If you want a yogurt, choose a quality one, not one specially designed “to lose weight”. All these dietary products have only one way to be appetizing: either by increasing the sweet taste (which is not convenient for you because a good way to lose weight is to educate the palate in the natural sweetness of food) or by increasing the proportion of unhealthy fats . Stop dietetics and visit the greengrocer more.

Mistake 3. You have the declared war on proteins

If you want to lose weight you should include a portion of protein in all your meals, breakfasts, snacks and snacks included. If you don't do it that way, it's harder for you to lose weight. Adequate protein intake spaced throughout the day contributes to weight loss in several ways. One of the most obvious ways is that proteins satiate us more and help to eliminate the feeling of hunger for a longer time. But it is not the only one, they also help increase the metabolic rate.


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Error 4. You have not increased your fiber intake

No matter the fiber you ate before going on a diet, surely you need more. The Spanish population lives with a chronic deficit of fiber intake because it has drastically reduced its consumption of fruits and vegetables (and whole grains have very few fans). But if your goal is to lose weight this has to change. Different studies have verified that doubling our fiber intake allows us to absorb fewer calories from other foods that we ingest, specifically, about 130 calories less on average.

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