Why don't you have time to exercise and how to find it?

Moments are gold and you have to take advantage of them. We always seek to squeeze all the juice a day, but between one task and another we relegate what we do not think is important. It is common, then, that we do not find time to exercise.

With the excuse of work, home or school we forget the importance of taking care of the body. More than physical appearance, well-being and health. You don't need to go to the gym, as a home routine helps you feel and look your best. How to find the time that we lack? Read on and find out.

Why can't you find time to exercise?

You may intend to exercise, but that is not enough. It is useless to hide behind the lack of time to get in shape. It is essential to motivate yourself and make one or another sacrifice, even if you are very busy.

Lack of exercise leads to a sedentary lifestyle, which predisposes us to chronic diseases such as obesity, muscle atrophy, stress, digestive disorders and osteoporosis.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are at least 600,000 premature deaths per year in the Eurozone caused by physical inactivity. That figure, in the world, is estimated at 1.9 million. In that same line, those who do not practice sports are more likely to die prematurely.

It is not a question of alarming with the values, but of encouraging to put aside arguments such as the following:

  • My day is not enough.
  • I don't have money to pay for a gym.
  • Work consumes me.
  • The university does not leave time.
  • Exercise makes me hungry and I don't want to gain weight.

We know that schedules are sometimes complicated and 24 hours do not work. However, it is more common to find "holes" to check social networks, watch a movie or take a nap. Everything before sport.

Focus! Putting it off because of the rhythm of life won't make it any easier. It's a matter of reviewing your schedule and managing priorities, including a routine, even if it's simple.

It is possible to find times to exercise inside the home if we cannot go out or we do not have a looser schedule.

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Importance of exercising

Exercising and eating well provides increased energy, eases stress, and leads to a healthy weight. Usually, when we stay active we improve the quality of life. Those who practice sports show self-control and are capable of making appropriate decisions, as they develop great cognitive capacity.

In addition, the brain secretes endorphins during and at the end of the routine, which produces emotional well-being and happiness, minimizing the symptoms of depression and anxiety. According to research, a relationship between relaxation and physical exercise has been confirmed.

Here are more reasons to find time and exercise:

  • You improve your mood.
  • Insomnia is corrected.
  • You stimulate learning and memory.

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5 tips to stop making excuses and find time to exercise

Contrary to what many think, exercising helps the body work efficiently. You gain energy to develop the rest of the day. Don't look for excuses; Take advantage of the time by applying the following recommendations.

1. Get organized

Check how your hours go. From there he redefines priorities. It works if you write a list of your activities and eliminate the ones that are not so important.

2. Join an exercise team

You're not alone! Surely a friend is also looking for time to exercise. Support each other and it will be more bearable and fun. Start with a light workout and gradually increase the intensity, until the body allows it.

3. Find a convenient place

A gym or park near your workplace or university is like a glove for exercising. Enabling a home space also works, especially if we decide to train very early in the morning or before going to bed. One of its advantages is that you can follow routines online, verified by qualified instructors.

4. Choose activities that you like

Squats, sit-ups, or push-ups are not required to stay in shape. Other activities help, such as dancing, biking, swimming, or yoga. The key is to select one that you like and invest a little of your day.

Exercise does not always have to be a routine that we find boring. Riding a bike gets us active and gets us out into the fresh air.

5. Don't see it as an expense

We already mentioned that you can exercise outdoors, in a park or at home. No need to pay for gym sessions, so money shouldn't be an excuse. Also, do not use the expense for sports equipment or clothing as an evasion. Light shoes and comfortable clothing are enough.

Time to exercise is won

Lack of time for exercise is associated with psychological barriers such as fear of getting hurt, failure, or ridicule. Hence we replace sport with less compromising alternatives. That is, we prefer to sleep, watch movies or indulge in social networks.

With a little creativity and, above all, organization, through exercise you will have good physical and mental health. Remember that there are multiple benefits, but the main one is that you will gain a better lifestyle.