Why does Sergio Ramos not recover so easily from his injuries?

The historic Sergio Ramos has not been able to return to the field and there are doubts as to why he has not recovered from his latest injuries. What happens to the footballer? We analyze it.

Last update: February 14, 2022

Sergio Ramos has not fully recovered from his injuries and his presence on the playing fields in the last year has been sporadic. PSG, the French club with which he has a contract until 2023, is waiting for him. But anxiety could play tricks on the athlete.

The lack of continuity and the rumors that are increasing are two issues that hurt the mental health of the Spanish. Right now he has been ruled out of his coach’s list to face Real Madrid for the round of 16 of the Champions League.

According to official Parisian spokesmen, he must continue with an individual recovery from his thigh problem. However, Ramos’ track record of physical disorders is more extensive.

Previous injuries of Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos is not recovering from his latest injuries as easily as he used to. It must be remembered that the 35-year-old footballer has been characterized by its validity in the past. Instead of thinking about retiring in 2021, he signed with PSG for 3 seasons.

Although not everything went according to plan. The coach of the Paris club can hardly ever make him a starter and it is feared that the recovery will not be enough for him to return to his characteristic defensive potential.

Previous injuries that could have contributed to this bad time include the following:

  • Rupture of fibers in the biceps femoris: At the end of 2020, some fibers of this muscle were torn while playing with the Spanish team. This led to the player being replaced for not being able to continue the dispute. Almost a month he had to be off the pitch to recover.
  • Left knee meniscus tear: In January 2021, barely recovered from the previous injury, it is discovered that he has a torn meniscus in his left knee. This warranted the indication of a surgery that involved almost 2 months of unemployment. Many say that this is the turning point of what is happening now. From here his discontinuity became evident.
  • calf injury: In March 2021, after being discharged for meniscus surgery, he appeared with the Spanish team on the last day of that month. At the end of the game, the exhaustion manifested itself in the stretching and the twins of the left leg suffered. Again, more than a month of absence.
The knees are one of the most affected joints in soccer players, both professional and amateur.

Possible causes of failure to recover

It is difficult to know exactly why Sergio Ramos does not recover easily from his latest injuries. The evidence indicates that it has been in trouble for a yearwhich coincides with his meniscus surgery.

We could elaborate 3 main medical and psychological hypotheses to clarify the panorama. Let’s see more in detail.

1. Aftermath of surgery

Meniscus surgery is capable of leaving some minor sequelae in patients. But in the case of elite athletes, problems can be intensified by demanding of training and competitions.

An operated knee involves a long rehabilitation process and an adaptation of the biomechanics of the lower limbs. In other words, athletes have to learn to walk, step and run with their new situation, which, although it is minimally different from their original anatomy, has repercussions.

There is no doubt that Sergio Ramos received the best rehabilitation possible, but as we already mentioned, the level of activity is extreme in professional soccer leagues. This demand could have led to an unwanted shortening of the prudent times for the Spanish.

2. Inactivity

Being inactive is a situation that no footballer wants. The lack of games deteriorates the physique, although training is maintained.

Sergio Ramos knows it and more considering his age. The useful life time in elite football is reduced to the 30s and it is difficult to stay beyond. It is praiseworthy that the PSG player has achieved a contract until he is 37 years old, but aging takes its toll on him.

The more disputes you lose, the less chance you have of regaining your level. This can lead to an untimely desire to speed up rehabs, which is also unhealthy.

Surrounding circumstances also occur that feed anxiety and stress. In fact, the journalistic rumors about the possible early retirement of Ramos have permeated his spirit, according to what has transpired.

Injuries that accumulate from your football career are difficult to overcome as you get older.

3. Anxiety

Anxiety in athletes is not only a mental health problem. Fitness suffers when athletes fail to manage stress or they are victims of disorders involving nervousness.

It is not only known, through sports psychology, that anxiety affects performance. There is also a link of this with recovery.

Inactive and anxious footballers they may try to speed up their recovery without success. They are also capable of abandoning training due to the false sensation that they are not advancing.

And no less considerable is the effect of public opinion on players who have high exposure. Articles in the media and opinions expressed on social networks undermine trust, stimulating internal processes that do not contribute to improvement after injuries.

Sergio Ramos does not recover easily and the pressure does not help

Sergio Ramos is an exceptional and historic player of the Spanish team that does not recover easily from its latest injuries. That does not go to the detriment of his track record, but he does worry.

The pressure he has to endure is remarkable, both from the legal aspect of his contract and from the desire of the fans who want to see him in the Champions League, facing his former club. The levels of demand are superlative for this athlete.

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