Why does Joaquin Phoenix wear sunglasses on the red carpet?

Let's start with the obvious: there is no better chance for posturing than the red carpet and Joaquin Phoenix, it is clear. In fact, sunglasses can be without a doubt the smartest fashion accessory that you can wear when you're the favorite to take an Oscar and you have to pose before hundreds of photographers, not only because it ensures you a little free eye with little winked eyes flattering, but because it also protects the health of the eyes. "It is possible that some actors, who usually develop their work under intense lights, end up developing a bit of photophobia and suffer sensitivity to light," says Dr. Juan Durán de la Colina, Medical Director of the Clinical Surgical Institute of Ophthalmology of Bilbao.

If in addition that photographic assault is carried out in winter, in a cold climate or with a windy environment, the use of the sunglasses is even more justified if the designer's suit is worn. “There are people who use them because of the wind and the cold, because both are factors that increase tear secretion and make the eyes cry,” explains the dr. Juan Durán Hill. And nobody wants to leave in the photos tearing.

Billie Eilish also aims to protect her eyes with sunglasses … even at the Vanity Fair post Oscar party.

Why we should all wear sunglasses in winter

We always think of sunglasses in August, but in winter there are also many clear days and it makes perfect sense to protect the look from ultraviolet rays. Because the eyes, like the rest of the body, suffer from the cumulative effects of these rays and that accumulation accelerates their aging. In fact, some eye diseases (such as waterfalls and age-related macular degeneration) may appear early if care is not taken with exposure to sunlight.

In addition, the surface of the eye is also vulnerable to the carcinogenic effect of the sun's rays (the conjunctiva tumor exists), as well as being susceptible to corneal burns. “And you have to take into account the premature deterioration of the skin of the eyelids and the eye contour, very delicate. As a consequence of solar overexposure, not only aesthetic problems in this area (such as wrinkles or Sunspots), but can also trigger tumors in the eyelids, ”explains Dr. Cecilia Salinas, ophthalmologist of the Institute of Ocular Microsurgery (IMO).

Sunglasses to protect you

In itself, it is not possible to prevent diseases such as cataracts, because they are a change associated with the age and aging of the lens. “But what is possible is to delay its appearance by controlling the external factors that favor its development. One of them, of course, is the sun, ”explains the dra. Isabel Garabito, Head of the Ophthalmology Unit of the International Ruber Hospital.

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Refering to macular degeneration, consists of an alteration of the cells of the central area of ​​the retina called the macula. This deterioration is progressive and it has been proven that one of the external factors that most influence its early appearance is exposure to the sun, although it is also important to eat an inadequate diet and smoke.

“To prevent these damages, we must wear caps and visors that protect from the direct action of sunlight. And the sunglasses must have the suitable filter to protect ourselves, especially in outdoor activities (such as when going to the mountains or snow), ”explains Dr. Isabel Garabito

Make sure you always buy approved glasses, with the CE mark as a minimum quality standard and have the number of filter category (ranging from 0 to 4) depending on its ability to absorb light. Remember: for eye health, wearing sunglasses with bad filters (because you have worried more about aesthetics than the quality of the lenses) are a worse option than not wearing any kind of glasses … Do like Joaquin Phoenix and buy quality glasses.

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