Why doctors encourage parents to save the milk teeth of their little ones

There may be several reasons why parents do not throw away the tooth fallen from a child. One of the reasons to preserve it has a connection to future health of the little one

Scientists recommend saving the milk teeth to then get these dental stem cells. Later, these could save the person's life.

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An investigation carried out in 2003 and published by National Academy of Sciences showed that Keeping milk teeth properly can be a way to get stem cells.

According to the researchers, isolating high quality human postnatal stem cells is an important goal for research. In this study, they found that the exfoliated human deciduous (milk) tooth contains multipotent stem cells.

What are dental cells and how can we preserve them?

We all have those little elementary parts called cells. Our body is constituted in the same way as a house built with bricks. The cells are divided into three different groups and each of them has a function. Stem cells are young cells that will then become one of these groups.

The blood cells grow and develop into a spongy part of the bone called the bone marrow. The cells can be taken from the teeth as well as from other parts of the bone.

Remember: The teeth should be stored properly so that they can be useful in the future. Doctors and scientists use various types of technology to preserve and then produce stem cells.

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How can they help?

Stem cells can reproduce any type of cells in your body, therefore, they can replace those that are damaged. Research shows that they can help fight cancer, although studies are also underway to discover their potential in the fight against other types of diseases, such as heart attacks.

If you want to give them another use, you can keep your child's milk teeth for use in a science project. Every future genius needs something to begin with! Investigate with him the influence of coffee, sugar or Coca Cola on the color and density of the tooth, so they will make it more interesting and fun, learning together.

Although we do not know 100% what it implies, saving them could be more useful than we thought until now.

And you, do you still keep your children's milk teeth? Share your experience in the comments!


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