Why do you like coffee and beer? There is a scientific reason

Have you ever wondered why you like the things you like? It may seem like a redundant question, but it has a reason for being. If you thought that your tastes were solely your decision, you're wrong. At least, when it comes to flavors. Your tastes have a genetic component, science says. Did you think you had not inherited anything from your parents? We have a news to give you …

Our genes influence the type of flavors we prefer. According to a study carried out by the scientist Marilyn Cornelis at Northwestern University, the psychoactive properties of beverages are based on genes, so preferences have a genetic factor that passes from generation to generation, especially with beer and coffee. Why do we consume them? Not because we like the taste more or less, but because of the feeling that they produce us since both have effects on the organism that we perceive as pleasurable.

Scientists have spent several years investigating the intricacies of sense of taste, a system that uses our brain to protect us and that therefore determines what foods we like or hate. The brain also prepares us to reject foods that could be dangerous, such as poison or toxic substances, a fact that could explain why most people reject, at first, the most bitter flavors. For example, the reluctance of children to these flavors is the test. The body does not accept bitter and strong flavors well, while sweet foods are easily received on the palate. However, not everyone responds equally to the taste of food, and much of the responsibility is in the genes.

Why do we like bitter drinks?

The answer is simple: because they make us feel. A study conducted by Northwestern researchers confirmed that genetic variations make us less or more sensitive to certain flavors. How does it work? People with greater sensitivity to the bitter, for example, to coffee, would consume these drinks in greater quantity. It may seem strange, but it makes a lot of sense: the brain does not get pleasurable food for its own sake, but for sensations. Coffee has properties that make us feel good and activate the mind. Something similar happens with beer. We are not talking about its flavor in particular, but about the sensations that it arouses. The Cornelis study found that people with varieties in the FTO gene prefer sugary drinks and also have a lower risk of obesity.

If your mother loves coffee and you too … you already know what the reason is.