Why do you feel bloated?

Sometimes, those extra kilos that appear out of nowhere are simply fluid retention, much easier to eliminate than fat but also quite uncomfortable. If you have trouble removing your rings or sandals leave a mark on your feet, there is no doubt, you need to drain fluids to eliminate that feeling of heaviness and body swelling.

Causes of swelling

The abdomen, legs and ankles are usually the parts of the body most affected by fluid retention, a fact that is aggravated by heat. It is the lymphatic system that is responsible for draining the fluid, which is nothing but the lymph, to the blood. When this system slows down, the liquid begins to accumulate in the tissues Instead of going to the blood, the result would be swelling and the so-called fluid retention.


This malfunction of the system that begins to drain more slowly can occur for several reasons, even for a mild infection. The most common causes are: sedentary lifestyle, physical activity favors the circulation of blood and lymph preventing it from accumulating; the heat, since the blood flows more slowly, the blood vessels dilate and the liquids spill into the tissues; histamine intolerance; a diet rich in carbohydrates and low in protein; poor water intake and salt abuse in the dishes. There is nothing!

Periods more prone to swelling

Do the days before menstruation note that you are more bloated? Hormonal fluctuations result in an uncomfortable fluid retention so you will feel heavier and swollen, you can even increase those days 1 or 2 kilos of weight.


As the hormones are directly involved in the problem of fluid retention, this swelling It will also be present at other times of hormonal changes in women such as pregnancy, menopause or taking contraceptives.

How to combat fluid retention

You have several fronts with which to attack the happy swelling. The alternating showers of cold and hot water (always ending with cold) and bottom up on the legs are a good complement to specific massage creams. If you keep the cream in the refrigerator you will feel a greater relief of the edema when applying it. Put your legs up at least 15 or 20 minutes after the massage, you will notice improvement in feet and legs.


To eliminate especially the abdominal swelling although it can benefit the whole body, you can take depurative infusions that help you to eliminate liquids such as dandelion, green tea or fennel.


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A diet low in salt and carbohydrates, fruit based (watermelon, pear, pineapple …), vegetables (leek, celery, asparagus, cucumber …) and small portions of protein of quality will be the best option for your menus in those most critical days to achieve minimize or avoid fluid retention.

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