Why do you eat triple before the period?

It is shown that before the rule (and sometimes during) alone we think about eating. And not precisely the healthiest foods. It is a fact: weeks before the period -Call him by name, during premenstrual syndrome- we eat more (And worst). I wish during these days our dream was a plate of broccoli or a plate of green beans. But no, we dream of pizzas, hamburgers and above all, with the magic word CHOCOLATE … At all hours!

And it is not (entirely) our fault. There goes another fact; During the period we gain weight. That, in addition to entering a permanent state of hunger, makes it one of the most attractive times of the month (read the irony).

But your constant hunger has a (scientific) reason for being and it is not your fault.


Video:Click on the photo to discover what are the causes for which you do not lower the rule.

When we have the rule, estrogen and progesterone levels vary. But not only that, the levels of serotonin, closely related to our mood. This substance, in addition to influencing well-being (that is, if we are in a bad or good mood) makes its stellar appearance in our appetite, increasing it during these days of the month. But not of healthy things, but of foods rich in sugars. Why? The level of serotonin drops and the body asks us, for example, a donut for sugar levels to return to the usual figures (it also serves a peach, but surely you feel more like the first food, even if it is less healthy).

And now comes the million dollar question: Why do we only want insane foods and not for example, a salad? Because the brain synthesizes sugar-rich foods faster.

The key is to resist and not fall astray, although sometimes, it is almost impossible. If you want to stay in the fold we tell you what to eat when you have the rule to feel better, because not everything is going to be junk food.

The bad? That happens to us once a month and there is no escape.

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