Why do you always have room for dessert?

Spread. You can't anymore You think that the belt is not going to buckle you anymore and you consider that you have ingested, in less than an hour, the full week calories. But yes, do not hesitate: when they ask you if you want dessert, do not hesitate to affirm it. Yes. Big and round. Although you think it is very likely to fall into absolute indigestion. Well, this phenomenon is called "specific sensory satiety" and science has something to say about it.

Russell Keast, director of Advanced Sensory Science Center of Deakin University, has found an explanation for that feeling that invades you when after eating, you want to bring something sweet to your mouth.

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And according to the researcher, everything is in the mind. When we eat, we are stimulating the taste buds, so we salivate, the stomach expands and we believe we have more appetite.

This is why, although we feel full, there is always a small candy, which activates this cycle again, creating a certain 'addiction', since sugar encourages the need to consume more sugar.

According to experts, it is nothing more than a mental sensation. That is, you are not hungry, but the smooth and pleasant taste of desserts makes the brain send signs of satisfaction and since we do not want to get rid of them, we succumb to temptation.

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