Why do styes appear in the eyes and how to prevent them?

The appearance of styes It can become quite annoying, as they can cause a lot of pain in the affected area. In addition, if you do not take the necessary care, these small bumps become a contagious problem. For this reason, measures must be taken to prevent its appearance, which is also accompanied by certain symptoms. Know what they are, why do styes appear in the eyes and how to prevent them.

What are styes?

It is known as styes in the eyes or knobs, to the small reddish bumps that form on the side of the eyelid. It is usually caused by some type of bacterial infection, which causes a variety of symptoms. The most notorious are swelling, redness in the area, pain, and irritation.

In most cases, styes they usually form on the outside of one or both eyelids. However, there are times when they can also appear inside these, which can cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

Normally, styes they disappear after two or three days, if not, it is best to go to the doctor. Also, when it comes to styes causes and symptoms must be taken into account to obtain a more concrete diagnosis. In the same way, measures must be taken to avoid contagion to other people, because it is an infection.

While it is true that styes They can cause a lot of pain and discomfort to the affected person, it is advisable to be patient. Also, follow the doctor’s instructions to prevent the situation from getting worse, remember that the eyes are very sensitive and important organs.

Why do styes appear in my eyes?

When the sebaceous glands located in the eyelids become infected, this causes small reddish bumps called styes. This infection is caused by various bacteria that proliferate on the upper or lower eyelid area. As a result, a fat nodule appears inside the gland that does not allow the rest of the fat to be released.

These substances help to lubricate and protect the eyelid area, so they need to be secreted. As they accumulate, they become one of the reasons for why do styes come out In the eyes.

Styes causes

There are several causes that allow the appearance of these red and painful bumps in the eyes, some of these are:


Without a doubt, it is one of the most common reasons for why do styes come out In the eyes. The spread of bacteria known as staphylococcus aureas or staphylococcus, within the glands of the eyelids. This bacteria causes a strong swelling in the affected area causing the appearance of styes.


Another cause related to why do styes come out in the eyes, it is usually blepharitis. It is a chronic inflammation that can affect the follicles, responsible for making the eyelashes form. This swelling is caused by the unusual growth of bacteria, causing the glands to not be able to perform their functions properly.

Family history of skin conditions

Although it is not usually very common, sometimes the formation of styes is related to the family history. Especially those linked to skin diseases, as this would facilitate the growth of these small bumps in the eyes. Among the most common conditions are acne and seborrheic dermatitis, both of which can be inherited.

Weak immune system

On the other hand, people with weak immune systems are more vulnerable to swelling of the eyelids. In addition, diabetic patients are also prone to these types of conditions.

Keep in mind that styes can form in all people regardless of age or gender. Adults are more prone because they tend to suffer from various eye diseases as they age. However, children and adolescents are still vulnerable, as hormonal changes can also cause styes.

What are the risk factors to consider?

In addition to the causes mentioned in the previous part, there are several risk factors to keep in mind when dealing with styes. Without forgetting that knowing the reasons for why do styes come out It is essential to treat them and above all, prevent them. Some of the risk factors are the following:

– Touching the eyes or nearby areas with dirty hands significantly increases the risk of styes. So good hygiene is always necessary to combat any disease.

– Before wearing contact lenses, it is important to wash and disinfect your hands to prevent bacteria from entering the eyes.

– Going to sleep without first removing your makeup is not good for your health, especially when it comes to the eyes.

– The use of cosmetics of dubious quality or that have exceeded their expiration date can cause the growth of styes.

– People who suffer from blepharitis are more vulnerable to the appearance of bumps on the eyelids.

– The same occurs with patients suffering from rosacea, a skin condition that causes the face to turn red.

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What are the types of styes?

Depending on where the stye forms, it can be classified in two ways: internal and external stye.

Internal stye

They occur due to infection of the meibomian glands, when this occurs, a stye forms on the inner part of the eyelid. They are usually very annoying, especially when opening and closing the eyes. In addition, special care must be taken when treating them, as they can become chronic and the situation could worsen.

External stye

They are usually more common than internal ones, these usually form where the eyelashes grow. Its cause is related to infections in the moll or zeiss glands, which are found at the base of the eyelashes. They can appear on the upper or lower part of the eyelid and in some cases can be mistaken for pimples.

How to prevent styes in the eyes?

Once the causes of the why do styes come out, prevention the best way to avoid the appearance of them. So it is essential to take certain measures to ensure the health of the eyes and the areas near them. Some of these measures are the following:

– Washing your hands before touching your face is the best way to prevent bacteria from entering your eyes.

– The application of hygienic measures in people who wear contact lenses, must be done rigorously. The first thing is to wash your hands properly and disinfect the lenses periodically. Also, if they are about to expire, it is best to discard them and buy new ones. Otherwise, there is a high risk of getting some bacterial eye disease.

– The use of makeup in the eye area should be moderate, it is never good to exceed the amount. Similarly, it is important to remove it before going to sleep, as certain cosmetics can damage the skin. It is also not advisable to share these types of products with other people, since it is possible to get an infection.

– Stress is also another reason for why do styes come out in the eyes, especially in adolescents. So it is recommended to carry out outdoor activities to release stress and relax.

– Environmental pollution is detrimental to health in general, especially that of the eyes. If you pass through a contaminated place, it is advisable to wear glasses or lenses to keep these important organs protected.

– People who suffer from blepharitis must take special care to prevent the appearance of styes. It is important to carefully clean the fat that accumulates on the side of the eyelids.

– There are cases of people who get styes frequently and for no specific reason. In these cases, it is best to have everything you need at home to treat this condition and thus avoid further damage.

Styes can become a complicated problem if they don’t go away in time. Before applying any treatment, it is best to see a specialist to confirm the reasons for the why do styes come out. If you follow the doctor’s instructions, in a few days the bump will disappear without problems.


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