Why do some people get fat even if they eat little?

Losing weight is subject to a series of variables but sometimes it can happen that a person who eats a lot (we all have a friend like that) does not gain weight or another person who is constantly on a dietkeep gaining weight or it costs you horrors to lose it. We explain why this can happen.

Gain or lose weight?

Although the simple explanation to the fact of gaining or losing weight is a matter of the number of calories that are ingested and those that are burned. If you increase the number of calories and do not burn it would increase weight and if, on the contrary, the calorie intake decreases and the sufficient amount comes out, it would lose weight, but this simple rule can be altered by other factors.


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For there to be a negative caloric balance or what is the same, lose weight, not always limiting calorie intake is decisive because it is necessary to attend to more parameters such as the number of calories burned, from there we would extract that the lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle, added to the low muscle mass of a person, would prevent that energy expenditure that would be necessary to lose weight even if little is eaten.


Is exercise a determining factor?

A person who has a low muscle mass have a low energy expenditure when at rest therefore to be able to lose weight, these people would need a very low caloric intake to be able to lose weight, a frankly strict diet that usually fails. But nevertheless, A person who exercises regularly has a greater muscle mass that even at rest continues to burn calories, this allows these people to consume more food and still control the weight perfectly, even losing weight. From this it follows that physical activity is the key piece when it comes to weight loss, beyond a good weight loss diet that also, of course, is very important.


A healthy lifestyle where you exercise regularly and maintain a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, fish, healthy fats … It is the best strategy when it comes to losing weight. If you combine your training and healthy diet with intermittent fasting success is assured.

Perception can lead to deception

It is also necessary to take into account the perception of some people who have the belief that they eat little, for example a salad, but that they add many calories such as much more recommended olive oil, croutons, fatty cheeses, nuts … it would be a much more caloric dish than the diner is really seeing: a salad. In this case, eating a good portion of baked fish with vegetables would have much fewer calories, so it is so important to be aware of the calories in the food you eat and much better put yourself in the hands of a professional.


In conclusion, consider physical activity as a determining factor when losing weightAvoid ultraprocessed foods and choose to eat clean and healthy, taking into account that there are many healthy foods that are very caloric and should be taken in moderation, such as avocado or nuts. This union or equation is what will make you control your weight.

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