Why do some people fall in love so easily?

People who fall in love so easily do not have a bigger heart, but a more fragile one. Behind this behavior there are usually emptiness, fear and lack of ability to process uncomfortable emotions.

Last update: December 11, 2021

Some people fall in love so easily that they hardly have time to understand their own feelings before committing them. This wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for the on multiple occasions those crushes do not come to fruition.

The reasons why there are people who fall in love so easily are many. In general, it has to do with an enormous desire to love, motivated by emotional voids or deficiencies. Other times it is associated with personal difficulties that are intended to be avoided through love as a couple.

Be that as it may, the truth is that this speed usually leads to temporary relationships that turn into small or large successive frustrations. It also leads to inconvenient links. How to understand people who fall in love so easily? Let’s see.

How are people who fall in love so easily

People who fall in love so easily tend to have some traits in common.. The first of these is the conviction that a partner completes them and this is the only thing that makes them happy. The idea of ​​being well is inconceivable to them if it is not with a love at their side.

Other characteristics of people who fall in love all the time are the following.

Tendency to idealize

Deep down, these people are in love with romantic love. They feel that this is the panacea and that gives them a fullness that nothing else offers them. They dream of that perfect love that will keep them with butterflies in their stomach forever.

Likewise, they tend to idealize anyone they meet, sometimes absurdly. They overestimate the qualities of someone who attracts them and minimize their flaws. In the same way, when reality ceases to be perfectThey look for a new illusion that compensates them.

These people often perceive love from their side Romantic only, ignoring many other details.

Affective deficiencies

It is very common for love to be idealized when it has been lacking or when it feels that it has been. People who have grown up in the midst of affective deprivation unconsciously seek fill those gaps through a couple.

Many times, more than love they are looking for proof of their own worth. Deep down, they feel that they cannot awaken love in others and that is why they try to prove themselves, over and over again, that they are not. However, any difficulty is interpreted as a lack of love and this leads them to seek a new crush.

Difficulty dealing with uncomfortable emotions

Love can also become a form of escape. Sometimes people who fall in love so easily engage in such behavior because they need to avoid some aspect of themselves that they do not accept or tolerate.

They may not feel competent in some areas or carry very strong feelings of guilt. By falling in love, they focus all their emotional energy, at least for a moment, on the relationship.

Fear of compromise

When someone falls in love with the whole world, in the end he has the perfect excuse not to fall in love with anyone. Perhaps you know that all love also involves bad times and problems that must be overcome. Maybe you want to avoid those bitter drinks and so they limit themselves to wetting their lips, without drinking the entire drink thoroughly.

Why is this happening?

The traits of people who fall in love so easily already give us clues as to why this happens. It could be said that, in general terms, the reason is the existence of a void that wants to be filled through supposed love.

In these cases, you do not want to meet, deal with, and empathize with another person. What you want is to experience the whole cocktail of emotions that come with falling in love. What the other feels doesn’t really count for much. They make love a kind of drug that set to fly.

Therefore, falling in love all the time is usually due to evasive behavior. There is a basic malaise that you do not want to recognize and you do not want to experience.

Behind this there is also a tendency to depend on others and fear of loneliness. In reality, you do not want to build a relationship, but to stop feeling bad. That there is no anxiety, sadness or uncertainty, but that everything is resolved by the work and grace of a new love.

How to manage and overcome it?

People who fall in love so easily They tend to get disillusioned quickly and in the process they hurt themselves and themselves. There comes a time when this can become compulsive and lead nowhere. That is why it is important to try to understand what is happening and overcome it.

Ideally, you should seek professional help, as it is often a deeply rooted condition that cannot be completely overcome with 2 or 3 tips. However, in principle you can take some measures such as the following:

  • Take time to get to know the other: it is better not to flirt or have sex on the first date. Why not give the time a little time?
  • Spending time with family and friends: there are other bonds that can be very rewarding, without the need for unbridled passions.
  • Cultivate a hobby: people who fall in love so easily don’t realize that they can also have good times with themselves.
  • Use common sense: There are no perfect people or perfect relationships. We all have flaws and it is only a matter of time before they come to the fore.
  • Read about the topic: there is very good literature about it. Being well informed can give valuable clues about the labyrinths of love.
The frustrations are not long in coming when there is easy and repetitive infatuation.

Seeking help is not bad

People who fall in love so easily are often reluctant to stop.. It is very common for this to become either a stubborn purpose or a compulsion. In both cases it is harmful.

People are still very prejudiced when seeking professional help. However, they are just that: prejudices. A psychologist is the most appropriate person to identify what is behind these behaviors and help to overcome them.

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