Why do I wake up tired?

Yes, even after sleeping several hours, I wake up tired, surely something is not going well. The causes of this are innumerable, but the truth is that it is very unpleasant. There is a feeling of heaviness in the body, discouragement and fatigue. Starting the day like this is not good.

The most striking is that many times it is not due to insomnia. Apparently, I sleep enough hours and have a deep sleep. Still, I wake up tired and that feeling is repeated very often, without being clear why.

Many times it doesn't matter if I wake up at noon, trying to end that fatigue. In the end, the same thing happens: I wake up tired, with a slowed mind and a fatal mood. Why do I wake up tired? Why isn't it enough to sleep to dispel that feeling? Let's see.

Do I wake up tired?

The first thing we should be clear about is that the body sleeps in cycles. As much as human beings are very adaptable, finally, the body and mind function better if we lead a life with stable patterns. This has a decisive impact on fatigue.

If, for example, I wake up every day at 7 in the morning and before 9 at night I am already in bed, but over the weekend I change that pattern, my body going to get confused. In those cases, I wake up tired, regardless of the hours I sleep.

Normally, we have five sleep cycles, 90 minutes each, per night. Each cycle, in turn, is divided into four stages. The point is that, If I change the rest schedules, I may wake up at the wrong time: before completing the entire process. The result? I wake up tired.

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Sleep disorders

Sometimes, the most obvious reason for us to wake up tired is sleep disorders. If we often have difficulty falling asleep, or wake up several times at night, we will probably feel tired when we get out of bed and throughout the day.

Another disorder that affects the quality of rest is sleep apnea. This is a pathology whereby a person pauses breathing while sleeping. The direct effect of this anomaly is that when you wake up, you often feel as if you had not slept.

Consumption of some substances

The consumption of some substances, such as alcohol, is a major obstacle to achieving a good quality of sleep. This has a paradoxical effect: it causes drowsiness, but then prevents us from sleeping deeply. Something very similar occurs with certain medications, especially sedatives.

Can not be left out another enemy of a good rest: coffee. A coffee in the morning is fabulous to feel more awake: that is its effect. If you take it at night, you probably won't be able to sleep well. It is best not to consume it at least five hours before going to sleep.

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Psychological problems

Sometimes, the reason we wake up tired is in the way our mind works. There are few who go to bed and, before bedtime, review all the concerns that concern them, or the decisions they must make. It is the worst time to do it. It generates nocturna night anxiety ’and damages rest.

Stress, in general, prevents us from having a peaceful sleep. That discomfort makes us stay alert, even sleeping. That is why we wake up easily and fail to sleep deeply. The most convenient, in those cases, is to go to relaxation techniques.

Other causes why I wake up tired

It is also very common that there is tiredness when waking up if you do not have good sleep hygiene. That is, with the circumstances that really favor rest rather than hinder it. Lots of light, noise or high temperatures, for example, prevent you from really resting.

The above is also related to bad daytime habits. There are several studies in which it is shown that watching screens before bed does not favor rest. It is also not good to eat copious meals, especially if they contain a lot of sugar. Not exercising during the day also affects quiet sleep.

On the other hand, when there are problems with the intestinal microbiota, these are usually reflected in a bad rest. This affects the production of hormones and neurotransmitters, which are necessary to relax and rest peacefully. If we don't have a healthy microbiota, it won't be easy to sleep deeply.