Why do I feel rejected towards my partner in pregnancy?

Feeling rejection towards the couple in pregnancy is not something as strange as you can think. Many women experience a sense of repudiation towards their partner or towards some characteristics of it.

In this article, we will analyze why this rejection occurs and in what way you can act to live the pregnancy in the best possible way Next to your partner!

Rejection towards the couple in pregnancy

There are no studies that support the existence of a rejection towards the couple in pregnancy. However, many women argue that this is exactly what happens to them. Is this your case?

Women experience a series of bodily and emotional changes from the first weeks of pregnancy. The breasts grow, the uterus stretches, mood swings, nausea and even vomiting appear. In addition to those symptoms of pregnancy, a repudiation of the stronger or weaker partner may appear depending on each woman.

While some women feel that they need more physical and emotional contact with their partners, others begin to feel upset by some attitudes of theirs. In some cases, this annoyance extends to the mere presence of the couple in the same room as them.

Now, suppose that this is what you are living, why is the rejection of the couple in pregnancy? Is there any logical explanation?

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Possible causes of rejection

There is no research on the feeling of rejection of pregnant women towards their partners.

As we have advanced you, there are no researches that have managed to prove this reaction of some women towards their partners. Despite this, specialists infer that the hormonal changes could be the culprits of this situation.

It is known that the pregnant woman undergoes a series of hormonal changes, such as the increase in progesterone and gonadotropin, which They can make her feel more sensitive. Perhaps it is this sensitivity that produces this discomfort in front of the presence or attitudes of the couple.

How to handle the situation of rejection towards the couple in pregnancy

Try to talk with your partner to solve your problems.

Feeling rejected by the couple in pregnancy puts you in a difficult situation. It is not easy for you to live this situation, nor for your partner. You must consider your emotions and yours as well. Note that Rejection can significantly hurt your feelings.

If you are going through this situation, the most advisable thing is to adopt an open and mature attitude and talk with your partner about. Explain how you feel, what happens to you and assure you that it is something you can not handle or know why it occurs.

Second, evaluate your feelings. What bothers you today did it before? Is that malaise fundamental or not? If you simply can not tolerate the sound of your partner chewing now, you should be aware that it is not a serious problem or that it will affect the long-term relationship.

Evaluate what you feel and why you live it that way. Many times a little introspection is all we need to realize that we exaggerate a situation or that there really is something that affects us.

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The situation of the rejected

Be patient and remember that everything happens.

If you have reached this article because you are the rejected party, we recommend you to be patient. We know that your situation is not pleasant or simple. Take a deep breath and try to mentalize yourself about it: It is not personal, although it seems that way.

Think that your wife is going through a series of changes and that, despite her rejection, she needs your help and support. As usual, the rejection towards the couple in the pregnancy does not last all the gestation, but only for a couple of months.

When in doubt, we advise you to go to the doctor. The ideal is to talk with him about this situation. Perhaps I recommend individual or couple therapy or simply, I can explain better why this situation occurs. With patience and love, you will go forth as a couple and family!