Why do diets fail?

Seven out of ten people dieting when summer arrives but, almost always, that bikini express operation is frustrated. Do not include healthy fats in your diet or so-called miracle diets, are some of the reasons why diets fail. Take note of the most common mistakes that prevent you from losing weight and even getting fat after a failed diet.


8 foods that are rich in healthy fats

The great majority of people who go on a diet obtain null results or that last very little. The dietitian Pilar Rodrigáñez (Soycomocomo) in her book 'Lose weight and gain health', reveals what are the 5 most common mistakes that cause the failure of slimming diets.


Putting aside fats

It is a very common approach that has been done for decades by the experts themselves but now, after researching a lot, they have proven to be obsolete proposals that do not help to lose weight. Leaving fat aside and betting on light or 0% products is not a guideline to follow if you want to eat a healthy diet and control your weightit is much healthier to eat a food rich in healthy fats, such as avocado or nuts, than to eat a 0% skim yogurt loaded with sweeteners, preservatives, additives … These products alter the intestinal microbiota and generate a dysbiosis in favor of a type of bacteria that promote a progressive resistance to insulin.


Count calories

It is true that the caloric balance is important in a healthy diet and to control weight, but only as a measurement tool and not basing weight loss on it, there are other important factors when it comes to losing weight. A hypocaloric diet is difficult to follow for a long time and ends up failing, usually with a rebound effect. The ideal is to eat a healthy diet regularly to be able to control the weight in a lasting way. They are more important where the calories come from than the number of calories in itself.


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Raising the diet from the effort

Being or going on a diet can be seen as a temporary punishment in which what you like is suppressed. You go hungry, you are irritated, anxious, weak … a real torture! On the one hand, psychologically it is unsustainable for a long time to bring that effort to fruition but is that physiologically the body enters into savings mode, that is, it interprets that there is a shortage of food and it will cost you more to burn fat, that is, you will practically not lose weight even eating less.


Base the diet on plates and vegetables

If you base your diet on salads and grilled foods such as chicken or turkey, you will get bored and you will not enjoy the food. Steamed vegetables to eat, grilled meat with salad for dinner … in the end it will be a martyrdom to follow a routine of feeding so unpleasant unless you are very disciplined. However there are many dishes that are perfect for a healthy diet that are varied and very appetizing, the problem is that the vast majority of people associate dieting with lettuce.


Do not create a favorable environment

The first step to begin a diet of slimming is to clean the pantry and the refrigerator to remove all those packaged or packaged foods that you may end up attacking in a moment of weakness, and believe us, there will be. Keep only foods that you can consume on a daily basis and if you are anxious about food you can fight it in a healthy way, some olives, pickles, nuts, raspberries, blueberries, even dark chocolate (85%), are very healthy snacks that you can take between meals if the body asks you to peck. Explaining to family and friends that you are changing your diet is also key to maintaining your diet in your social life.

Fixing these errors and leading a healthy lifestyle throughout the year, maybe the weight loss is more progressive and slow but a lot more securea, without rebound effect and without any effort. Yes you can!

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