Why cervical pain is becoming more common and how can you overcome it?

The neck pain, cervical pain or neck pain It is a condition that in recent years has become a real epidemic around the world, even appearing in young people and children. So much so that it has become one of the most frequent consultations for traumatologists.

Excessive screens and muscle tension that these postures imply have triggered the cases of cervicalgia, which appears when we must keep the head in a fixed position for very long periods of time.

Here we tell you what are the best ways to avoid this discomfort.

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These are some of the common causes of cervical pain:

  • Sleeping in uncomfortable positions
  • Having excess stress
  • Adopt forced and uncomfortable positions (look up or down for a long time)
  • Wear necklaces or heavy accessories
  • Suffer abnormalities or injuries to discs, nerves and back muscles

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In particular, there are Two problems that accelerate the appearance of cervicalgia: Cervical rectification and cervical contractures.

The cervical contractures They are very annoying and painful. They are caused by contractures that occur in some of the muscles of the back as a result of uncomfortable positions or injuries.

The cervical rectification, on the other hand, occurs when the natural curvature of the spine is lost as a result of the overload of the muscles and joints. It is usually linked to bad habits and bad postures.

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Tips to avoid cervicalgia

  • Take breaks

When you have to do repetitive tasks such as ironing or sitting for many hours at work, change positions every thirty minutes and make movements that relax the neck and shoulders.

  • Screens at the appropriate level

Both the television and the computer screens should be at eye level. Otherwise, you will force your muscles and cause more pressure.

  • Hold the phone correctly

To use the phone for a considerable time, you should raise it and avoid lowering the head and tightening the neck. When you answer a call, hold it with one hand. Never place it between your neck and your shoulder. For long conversations, use the speaker or headphones.

  • Sleep correctly

Use a firm mattress and avoid sleeping without pillows or very high pillows. If you already feel cervical pain, try lying on your side, as this position releases the cervical pressure.

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In general, keep in mind small details that together will make considerable changes. For example, avoid loading heavy bags with one shoulder.

You should also know that being overweight exerts more pressure on your vertebrae, so keeping you within the proper weight and exercising regularly will favor the health of your back.

Do you suffer from cervical pain? What solutions have worked for you? Tell us in the comments.

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