Why can chestnuts be your ally to lose weight?

They are the fruit of the season. No doubt. When the streets start to smell like chestnuts It is synonymous with … Christmas! And, there is no better starting gun for this time of year. Traditionally they are roasted (now you can even make them in the microwave) but their raw version is also extended. To tell you the truth, we have learned today that you can eat like this. So, surprise! You have fewer and fewer excuses for not incorporating them into your diet.

In cream, as a 'snack' or even as an accompaniment to meat or fish, they are a low-calorie and very satiating option if you want to lose weight.

Unlike other fruits or nuts, chestnut contains less than 50% water in its composition, so in equilibrium with the rest of nutrients, it contains 36 mg of calcium every 100gr, that is, a generous handful of chestnuts , would serve as a complement to the daily milk supply. Its nutrients are very concentrated, so they have more nutritional density than other snacks such as almonds or hazelnuts.

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Chestnuts contain 47% carbohydrates and although their protein intake is very low (3%) and also fat (2.6%), their contribution per 100gr if we talk about calories is approximately 200.

Why are they good for the diet?

Carlos RĂ­os recommends them for their low contribution in calories, sugars and as a snack between meals. In addition to satiating, they are less caloric than any other dried fruit so you will not feel guilty if you should measure the calories you eat per day with magnifying glass. In addition to being a healthy and nutritious seasonal option, you can cook them in many ways:

-The best of these dates is that there is a stand of roasted chestnuts in almost any corner. If you are hungry and suddenly, your body asks you ultraprocessed, opt for this alternative. The best? You can eat them in the middle of the street as you would with any other snack.

-You can roast them at home (it's like richer they will come out) but if you don't have time (or desire) to make them in the microwave it is the great option. Of course, you must make an opening with the knife so they do not explode. Notified you stay.

-Although it is not the most recommended of all the alternatives, you can also buy them already packaged. Of course, look for a brand that does not carry additives or harmful elements and is as healthy as possible.

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