Why breakfast egg makes you lose weight?

If you ask anyone who is conducting a slimming diet, the first problem to maintain it, is anxiety. Especially in low calorie diets with which to go hungry, is the bread (not literally, of course) of each day.

This anxiety that results in binge eating and pecking (although there are also healthy pecking) that spoil all the effort, is the main reason why diets are abandoned. The most advisable thing is to lose weight with awareness (no miracle diets, you will recover all the weight) and calmly: the desired result will come. If you starve yourself for a few months, it will not only be impossible to perpetuate it in time, but also, psychologically it will be very hard, since deep down, the key in any process to lose weight is in the mind.

That said, one of the hardest moments when it comes to slimming is breakfast. Most diets prohibit both bread and cereals, or even certain fruit, so not eating everything you find in the middle of the morning will be almost impossible. How to avoid it? Having breakfast eggs.


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Under the premise "eat breakfast like a king, eat like a prince and have dinner like a beggar", you will lose weight: it is infallible, your grandmother was right when she used this saying.

Therefore, a breakfast based on natural yogurt, fruit, a toasted whole wheat rye bread and two poached eggs, will not only fill you with energy, but will also make you arrive at the meal with the necessary hunger and not abuse or from the tempepiés or insane pecking that shatters any healthy eating.

Why breakfast egg slimming? According to the study "Egg breakfast enhances weight loss", it has two fundamental explanations. The first is that it satisfies a lot, so you will eat less the rest of the day, and the second is based on something very simple: its nutritional composition. The eggs are full of protein, which will make you feel much more energetic and will encourage you to have more desire to train and exercise.

There is no escape: the key to losing weight is at breakfast. Of course, the eggs should be poached or grilled without oil, since otherwise, we are providing unnecessary fats, which will have the opposite effect on the body.

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