Why are more and more elite athletes adopting a vegan diet?

That you cannot gain muscle mass, that you do not obtain the necessary proteins and that you suffer from nutritional deficiencies. These are some of the claims that many people make about a plant-based diet, but they are actually myths.

A vegan diet excludes all types of products of animal origin, from any meat, be it beef, chicken or fish, to derivatives such as eggs, dairy and honey.

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"The Game Changers" is a shocking documentary about vegan diet in athletes (available on Netflix), which shows with real testimonies that if you can follow a vegan diet, even in elite athletes.

This film, produced by James Cameron, Pamela anderson, Novak Djokovic and Lewis hamilton, among others, covers experiences and testimonies from both health professionals and athletes, both impressive.

Tells the story of James wilks, an elite Special Forces trainer and mixed martial arts fighter, as he travels the world on a quest to discover the optimal diet for the human performance.

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"All protein comes from plants: pigs, cows and chickens are just the middle man," says James Wilks.

On the other hand, studies comparing the amount of protein present in carnivores and vegetarians ensure that the latter not only get enough protein, but 70% more than necessary.

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In fact, an investigation by experts from the Physicians Comittee For Responsible Medicine (USA), published in the magazine ‘Nutrients’, concludes that a plant-based diet can promote things like endurance and cardiovascular recovery of athletes, reducing the risk of suffering from atherosclerosis, dyslipidemia, hypertension, overweight or diabetes. In addition, it reduces oxidative stress and inflammation.

Novak Djokovic and Lewis Hamilton are some of the most impressive examples and testimonies found in this documentary. The Formula 1 driver maintains that signing for Mercedes and Going vegan has changed his life. For his part, tennis player Novak Djokovic, together with the pilot, have been on a gluten-free diet since 2013.

So eating a vegan diet and being a high-performance athlete go hand in hand. You can be strong and healthy by being vegan.

And you? Are you a vegan athlete?