Which olives fatten the most: green or black? You can eat them without taking extra kilos if you follow these Realfooding (and common sense) tricks

When we talk about olives we have to be clear that not all are the same… in fact they are not even similar. There are up to 260 different types of olives and although on your terrace afternoons they will not offer you so much variety the question before a plate of olives is always the same: Are olives really so fattening? And more importantly, do they all get the same weight? Can we enjoy them without gaining a gram? The Realfooding trend includes olives among its foods, there is a reason.

Well, the verdict of the experts is … what you should become an expert in olives to distinguish what they are giving you as an aperitif and if it is worth adding it to your diet. For example, you should value the type of olive (especially its caliber, or what is the same, its size) and very especially the dressing: opt for those with lemon, vegetable and spice based dressings.

But if you are not an expert in dressing olives, there is a definitive clue to know what will happen to your waist if you stuff yourself with them: its color. Black olives have the softest meat and tasty for a good reason: because they are more ripe, and like all ripe fruit have a higher amount of sugars and in his case, in addition, of fats. About 100 g of pitted black olives can contribute up to 300 calories while the green olives with stones provide about 160 calories.

When pecking olives, look at their size, dressing and color.

Does that sound like a lot to you? Well, don't exaggerate because, in fact, it is a very low caloric intake if you compare it with the other snacks that you usually assault when you have an appetizer: 100 grams of fried potatoes border 500 calories, 100 grams of fried and salted peanuts reach 600 … not to mention that only your glass of wine contributes another 178 more calories to your intake daily.

In addition, none of the above options has the amount of fiber, antioxidants, healthy fat and probiotics they do provide olives. So our conclusion (and that of the nutrition experts) is that you do not resist the temptation to take olives in your appetizers, yes, with measure: specifically you can take seven olives a day without problems (They will only contribute 37 calories to your diet).

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