Where to eat the best pizza in Spain: these are the Italian restaurants that are sweeping

To enjoy a healthy meal we always have many options within our reach, but the charm of international cuisine is irresistible at any time of the week. From the proposals that come from China that we can find in any city, to the Argentine empanadas that manage more than one culinary problem, the options are almost endless. But one of the ones we always have on hand is pizza. And more on days like today when the star dish of Italian cuisine celebrate their World Day. A celebration that serves as an excuse to visit the best Spanish restaurants where we can enjoy it.

To make this selection we have not been carried away by particular tastes, but we have set our sights on the premises that have recently been recognized in European and national competitions. Pizzas made with dough loaded with love and time, which are seasoned with carefully selected ingredients They are always ready to surprise us. Because beyond the simplicity of margarita pizza there is a whole universe to explore.

Among the 50 best in Europe, a list compiled by the 50 Top Pizza website behind which are several culinary experts, we met several representatives of our country. But the one that is higher up is the Madrid pizzeria Fratelli Figurato, in third position. Located on Calle Alonso Cano, the Figurato brothers abandoned their careers in marketing and business to focus on what they liked best. The result is a menu with a dozen proposals that have among their ingredients chorizo ​​from León, Galician lacón and sausages that come directly from their country, such as Bologna mortadella or Sardinian pecorino.

Another Madrid venue also appears on that list, the Roostiq, which also won a special award at the last edition of Madrid Fusión for the preparation of its dough. With Carmen Acero in charge of the kitchen, this restaurant located in the Chueca neighborhood divides its offer between meats, organic vegetables and, of course, pizzas. Nine different recipes to cover from the torreznos to the salmon, passing through the guanciale with spring onion and the surprising meat enchilada. All of them are cooked in a Neapolitan wood oven at 500 degrees, with Spanish ingredients served by organic producers.

In Barcelona we find two of the pizzerias recognized precisely in the 2021 edition of Madrid Fusion, La Balmesina and Can Pizza. The first has been on Carrer Balmes since 2016 and is led by three Italians who have come from Venetto to delight the locals. Ritta pizza swept away the award for best Neapolitan pizza with a simple but delicious proposala margarita-style recipe in which mozzarella and fresh basil are the only ingredients on the sourdough starter that has been fermented for up to 72 hours.

Can Pizza won the freestyle category thanks to «Jerry Tomato», a pizza with three tomato textures (dehydrated, confit and macerated) along with yellow tomato, spring onion and fresh herbs. Founded by the Colombo brothers, in charge of the masses is the Roman Lolo Zozza, who has been making pizzas since he was 14 years old. Have seven premises in Barcelona and in its menu we find 16 varieties of pizza with ingredients and varieties made for the most demanding palates. Among the best valued by customers is Al Capone, Amatriciana or The Italian Job.

Another of the essential visits for pizza lovers in Barcelona is the Sartoria Panatieri, with which Rafa Panatieri and Jorge Sastre exchanged haute cuisine for pizza. With vegetables that come from small local producers and sausages made by hand by themselves, the menu is a delight for any food lover, but if we focus exclusively on the pizzas we can choose between 11 varieties that include among their ingredients sobrassada and Mahón cheese, pickled piparra, roasted potato or an exquisite selection of cheeses national as the Puig Pedrós, the Gamoneu and the Cabrales. With two locations in Barcelona, ​​it was recognized as the second best pizza in Spain and the eleventh in Europe according to 50 Top Pizza.

In Valencia the restaurant Il Cortile The menu includes 26 pizzas, including traditional and gourmet, and among the latter we find half a dozen recipes that have been recognized in national and Italian competitions. What the champion pizza of Spain, the Rosa di pistacchio, which combines truffled mortadella with pistachio, fresh truffle and creamy cottage cheese. With the union of vegetables, cheeses of all kinds and nuts by flag, they have four premises in the province and in all of them their mission is to make customers enjoy uncomplicated cuisine inspired by family recipes.

In Bilbao Leotta House proudly boasts the honor of having been the only Biscayan restaurant among the finalists of the contest organized by Madrid Fusión. And that they do not make pizzas, but pinsas, a Roman variant in which the dough is oval, thin and crispy. With vegetable cream bases, which displace the traditional tomato, they have 15 different proposals with ingredients from Calabria, with the exception of anchovies from Santoña and black olives from Aragon.

In the same category of the contest organized by the Madrid fair was the Italian restaurant located in Marbella Da Bruno. A family business with an extensive menu that collects the essence of Italian gastronomy in which we find 14 different varieties of pizza that range from the most traditional recipes, such as the four seasons, to the one that bears the name of the place and in which the Porcini and Bresaola mushrooms arrive accompanied by arugula and truffle oil White.

We close this appetizing culinary tour with another of the contest’s finalists, pizza smoke, located in the Gros neighborhood of San Sebastian. Its star dish is made with a dough that ferments for 48 hours and is adapted to seasonal products and is made following the classic Neapolitan recipe. The client’s main problem is the difficulty in keeping just one of its 12 varieties.

With tripe, chicken wings or cod, this business led by Llorenç Sagarra is committed to creativity and the calendar to unite the flavors of the land and the raw materials of producers they know. The result is a pizza that is placed in a wood oven fed with oak and beech wood, which reaches 430 degrees, for 90 seconds. Because less is more when it comes to conquering a clientele that since September 2020 has been enjoying a version of pizza that is as sustainable as it is delicious.

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