When to water it, how much light does it need, where to place it … How to take care of the Poinsettia or Poinsettia, the most typical Christmas plant, so that it lasts beautifully all year long

ANA CALVO Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 2:27 PM

Beyond the fir, there is a plant that is synonymous with Christmas: the poinsettia or poinsettia. Its characteristics and striking red leaves (although there are more types), combined with its intense green, make this tropical variety one of the most desired and used in Christmas decorations. However, precisely because of its tropical origin (and our continental climate with extreme temperatures), it is a very delicate species that requires very precise care. They say that giving you a poinsettia is a sign of love and that give good luckBut if I make a confession to you, try as I might, they didn’t usually arrive at my house in good condition, even at Christmas Eve dinner. Until I took good note of these expert tips to know when to water it, how much light does it need or what is the best corner of the house to place it. And I guarantee that make it look gorgeous all year long it’s possible!


The first thing to achieve our goal of making the Poinsettia last perfect all year round is to find a good place for it at home. According to the advice of Magalí Puig, Colvin’s Plant Expert, in order for the Poinsettia to be kept in good condition all year round it needs to be « between 15 and 23 ºC, in a space without drafts or radiators, because sudden changes in temperature do not suit him «. In addition, from Bourguignon Florists point out that the best thing is »to look for a place where the plant receives natural light, but without exposing it directly to rays of the sun”.


Once we have found its place for our Poinsettia, we have to take care of it as it deserves. “Water it when you notice an inch or two of dry soil”, they point out from Colvin, who also give us a trick that is worth gold: “in this case, irrigation is better by immersion. Put the plant in a bowl or plate with not very cold water and leave it for 15 min. Remove it and let the excess water drain. And don’t let water get on its leaves «. From Bourguignon Florists agree and point out that the normal thing is to »give it away about twice a week«.

At the time of Take care of the earth, from Bourguignon they tell us that the best thing is that «to keep the plant in an optimal state and in good health, we recommend that you use liquid fertilizer every 2-3 weeks», and Magalí Puig adds that we use «a little fertilizer for plants greens from spring to fall. We recommend the liquid worm castings. He loves it! » and as for the substrate «80% universal substrate, 20% perlite and arlite base»


Once we have saved Christmas with our imposing Poinsettia, play the most difficult yet: keep it the rest of the year in perfect condition. From Colvin they recommend us, first, to prune it when the Holidays pass and the leaves begin to fall. Magalí Puig recommends that we always do it with gloves because its sap irritates the skin and that we cut “all the stems, leaving them approximately 10 cm long. Then, seal each cut with ground cinnamon, for plants the cut is a wound and the cinnamon serves as a natural antiseptic so that they do not catch any type of infection.

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When temperatures start to rise in spring it is time to “transplant your plant to a slightly larger pot and renew its substrate” and in summer we must be careful that it does not get direct sunlight and bear in mind that “it will need less water”. When the autumn, we will have to create what Colvin calls the false night effect ‘so that our Poinsettia blooms with more force and color: «you will have to subject it to more hours of darkness a day, in this way, the plant should be dark for 12-14 hours up to date. You can get it by putting it in a dark place like a room or a closet or even covering it with a blanket during those hours.