When is the perfect time to have fruit

In the morning at breakfast? Between hours? After meals? ¿Five pieces or three? The fruit is necessary if we want to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet, because it provides a large amount of vitamins, minerals and soluble fiber, which helps to reduce cholesterol levels, and insoluble, which is useful against constipation. Furthermore, it is a source of antioxidants, promotes cardiovascular health, prevents fluid retention and it is very rich.

However, we do not usually agree on when is the ideal time to eat it. Some claim that it should not be taken after meals, as legend has it that it gets fatter because it ferments in the stomach and it ends up turning into sugar that the body will store as fat. Others say that the best time is right between meals, to notice its satiating effect thanks to its fiber and water content. Some last ones indicate that the best thing is the mornings. They were?

In the morning

In recent times it has become fashion. In addition to a glass of juice, many people choose start the day with another of water and some fruit to cleanse the body. After many hours without eating anything, in which we are sleeping, it is important to choose what we are going to eat.

Do not believe the myths: their caloric intake is the same regardless of when you decide to take it. Skip the juices and grab a piece

Watermelon can help us hydrate, pineapple is anti-inflammatory and strawberries have high fiber contentFor example, so the morning is a great time to choose fruit. Of course, make sure how your food will be accordingly to avoid exceeding your consumption of sugar and calories.

Between hours

It is also a great option. Many times, when hunger strikes us between meals, we tend to choose snacks that are not satisfying and that only serve to gain weight. Fruit, however, is the best option: if you start to need a 'snack' between breakfast and lunch, the best idea is to choose some citrus. If you give the option a cup of green tea, we assure you thatand you will feel full to face the time stay until the next meal.

And after eating?

Here comes eternal doubt. The time you eat fruit is not important, because ends up getting together with the rest of the food in the stomach and its caloric intake is the same regardless of when you decide to take it. The only thing, as we said before, is that if you take it before eating, you will notice the satiating effect that fiber and water provide.

At night, avoid it: its sugars provide an energy that is not adequate when we are about to go to bed

However, if you are one of those who needs to have something sweet after eating, do not think about it and opt for the fruit, which will always be better than that cake that is making you eyes. Mangoes, melon, pineapple … right now the summer option is huge, and choose a whole piece before a juice, it is the healthiest option.

After dinner

As indicated by 'Times of India', it is the only time of day where it is not the best option. It is not, however, a reason related to food, but they provide us with an energy that is not adequate because we are close to going to bed. New Normal also means changing yourself to find an improved version of yourself, so fruit is a great idea to end gluttony or the urge to eat junk food, but try to get away from it at odd or odd hours.