When a heat stroke becomes deadly: the symptoms

We hear it every year when these dates are approaching. "Heat stroke in such a region, has left several dead ":" Children and the elderly must be warned, because they are at greater risk. " The sunstrokes they are very dangerous and can even lead to deathIn the same way, every year the news warns us of what we must do to avoid them: look for shadows and stay hydrated.

But, what does it feel like when you suffer one? Your head begins to beat with force, your muscles suffer from calabres, your heart accelerates. You get dizzy and start vomiting. In 2003, one of the most terrifying heat waves of modern times swept our continent killing more than 30,000 people. In the United States, there have been a total of 9,000 cases of deaths due to sunstroke between 1979 and 2014. The lack of hydration makes various organs Stop working as you would normally.

Warns the symptoms

While there is some debate, studies on women in the military have shown that they can be more susceptible to diseases caused by the heat that men, due to their lower production of sweat. Regardless of sex, the chances of survival depend on the duration of the overheating and, once the symptoms are recognized, the speed in which the body is cooled again (the most effective is by immersion in ice water for about 30 minutes).

Survival, moreover, does not guarantee a full recovery. A powerful heat wave in Chicago in 1995 it caused 739 deaths and 3,300 visits to the emergency room. A study that reviewed 58 of the victims of severe insolation found that 21% died in the hospital shortly thereafter, 28% in a year, and all affected remaining they experienced organic dysfunction and neurological alterations.

It does not seem, of course, very flattering. You also have to know how to identify between two types of heat shock, because we have focused a lot on the strength that the sun radiates. The truth is that excessive physical exercise can also produce them. Therefore, two types are listed: classic and effort. Classical heatstroke affects children, the elderly and those suffering from chronic conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. The heat stroke by effort, on the other hand, occurs on those people who are in shape (runners, cyclists, athletes, etc.), according to an investigation carried out by the program 'Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel' on HBO, since 2000, at least 30 college football players died of heat stroke during a practice.

Survival does not guarantee a full recovery, many victims of sunstroke have died months later

'Outside Online' has written a small recreation of how you would feel if I gave you a heat stroke, something like a book of 'Choose your own adventure', but without the possibility of changing what happens. In the situation, you find yourself walking down a steep slope and, even if you drink water, the alcohol you ingested last night is sabotaging you: your body may feel that your liquid reserves They are running out, but they ignore it cheerfully. "Your blood vessels are dilating and your heart pumps with madness, trying to keep them full, but it can not continue. You feel dizzy and faint, your vision it becomes blurred. " For millennia, evolution has madeAs people who live in warm environments, Like the nomads Massai of Kenya, develop tall, thin bodies with long limbs. You are not Masai.

It does not seem very pleasant what happens next: your body temperature rises, you vomit and you release your sphincter, the cells of your liver die, the neurons of your brain disappear one by one, Blood vesels begin to leak and cause hemorrhages throughout your body (including the heart and lungs). In a last effort, your circulatory system responds to everything the damage coagulating your blood.

If someone suffers sunstroke take him to a shadow, give him air and water and lift his legs. Maybe I have to go to medical emergencies

Then, maybe with good luck, someone will find you (from the outside it looks like you're dead, maybe you can blink to show no), and immerse you in ice water. Give you water to quench your thirst, the dry lips and the tongue asleep. It is not yet clear what damage you have suffered, but at least you are alive. You will have to be rescued by helicopter. You do not know where you are or where you have been, only the relentless sun on your shoulder and your head. You will then take into account what fragile of your own existence, you are only made of flesh and bones, blood and water. It can be destroyed easily.

But history can change. It does not have to end like this. Now that the heat starts, chase shadows and stay hydrated, and if you see that someone may be suffering from sunstroke, take him to a shade, give him fresh air and water, feel or lie down and raise his legs. If required, Take him to a medical service of emergencies. Those quick acting minutes, as well as prevention, they are fundamental and can save lives.