What your body's shape says about your health

Although human beings are almost genetically identical, there are some differences that make some of us have bigger eyes, different skin tones and statures. To this should be added the shape of the body that, although it is something that we can all notice, few know its implications.

It is said that different body types can be included in three categories: apple, pear and hourglass. These figures symbolically represent the shape we adopt as we grow. It is not a choice of life, it is our genetics and, although we must accept it and learn to live with it, we must also combat the negative aspects that each type of body can suppose. Of course, the only way to do it is with a balanced diet and exercise.

And you, what kind of body do you have? This information applies to both men and women.


> People who have this type of body accumulate extra weight around the waist. Here we must be careful, because that is visceral fat, which is the most dangerous, because it adheres deeply under the skin and affects the organs. It can even damage them over time. This fat can be responsible for heart disease, type two diabetes, and colon and uterine cancer.

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Although they seem bad news, this is the easiest fat to lose, so if you know you have this type of body, do not do it just for aesthetic reasons. Take care of your health, eat healthy, limit fat intake and exercise to prevent these diseases from reaching your life.


Pears should not worry about diseases like the ones mentioned above, although they are not exempt from problems either. Because fat accumulates lower, you are likely to notice the appearance of varicose veins. In addition, they can suffer degenerative diseases in the knees and in the joints. This can become a very serious problem after 50 years.

People with this body shape may have difficulty reducing the lower part, as this fat is more difficult to eradicate than visceral fat.


For men, the equivalent of the hourglass is the square body. Like apples, these people tend to carry visceral fat, but instead of being in a single area, it is distributed as much in the chest as in the legs and abdomen. That is why they are at risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

This implies that the problems of the body of apple also have the people with this form. Therefore, a good diet and a lot of exercise are the key to saving your life.

What type of body do you have? Beyond how easy or difficult it can be for you to eliminate fat from your body, the important thing is that you understand what can happen if you do not do it.

Commit yourself to take care of your body! You will appreciate it when the years pass.

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