What you should know about slimming treatments in a spa

What if relaxation, that if well-being, that if massage, that if aromatherapy … the spas are the perfect temples to live incredible experiences with which to forget the daily stress. But lately these centers also offer treatments to lose weight: the body wraps. Everyone is aiming at the fashion of weight loss and many celebrities flood their Instagram profiles by trying this technique that has many benefits.

This treatment is with the one that greases your body in certain ingredients and then they wrap it up to let it take effect, it is the last shout on social networks. Depending on the type you choose, you'll get some results or others. For example, there is the option to choose one that includes exfoliation: means that first you will be exfoliated from head to toe and from there you will be wrapped with different products to hydrate your skin. Do they work? Are they a legitimate formula for take off those cartridge belts and love handles that we hate so much?

To start, the facilities offer all the different types that there are, and the (supposed) Benefits related to weight loss and / or your overall health may vary according to the specific treatment for which many sites of this type promote them for the whole body, although there are specific areas, like the gut or the thighs or in some joints.

How is it the procedure?

The first step is to apply a cream of different ingredients (depends on the treatment you want to give) on the area to be treated to eliminate dead tissue and toxins, while stimulating the pores and making them more sensitive to absorb the properties of the Mud, clay, seaweed... whatever is.

They are fleeting results. They do not burn fat, but they can cause temporary localized hardening and dehydration

Once the area has been exfoliated, we proceed to apply the selected product and to completely cover that part of the body with linen bandages or synthetic fabrics, in order to stimulate vasodilation and metabolism, and introduce into the body the medicinal agents provided with the body wrap, for which it is allowed to take effect for about 20 or 30 minutes. Then the wrap is removed, The body is cleansed and all the treatment is complemented with a body massage.

Does it help you lose weight or not?

Like other beauty fashions, when everything is so good that it does not seem true, it is possible that it is not true here either. "It may seem that you have lost weight, but it is temporary because in reality you have become dehydrated," says the expert 'Women's Health'. Keri Peters. "They are fleeting results. They do not burn fat, but they can cause hardening and temporary localized dehydration. Any michelín lost is water and is temporary, probably only lasts one or two days. "Wraps containing herbal products can also fill the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite, but again, it's just an effect that lasts a short time," he adds.

Whole body parts are covered with linen bandages or synthetic fabrics, in order to stimulate vasodilation and metabolism

If you really want to try this treatment, there are a series of measures to be carried out, such as drink lots of water before, during and after of process. You should also be aware of what components have what they are going to put on your skin (do not be allergic and lés). Also, if you have a heart condition you will not be able to use the infrared wrapping option.

The end result: if you like to give yourself body wraps and they make you relax, go ahead and enjoy them from time to time. But you should know that to lose weight they do not work because they are only a quick solution that could be uncomfortable and dehydrated.