What you should eat four times a week to reduce hypertension

The hypertension affects, according to the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC), almost eleven million people in our country. The good news? That much can be done to prevent it. Of course, to get it you have to take it seriously and be willing to do some changes in our way of life.

Everyone knows the consequences of having the high blood pressure. If this serious condition that affects the brain is maintained for a long time, the risks of suffering heart attacks, strokes or kidney and heart failure increase.

The prevention is a key very important to deal with this disorder and it is essential to do so if we want to have good health. In addition, patients with this untreated or poorly controlled condition may suffer over the years. cardiovascular complications such as angina or myocardial infarction, sudden death, heart failure, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis or embolism and peripheral arteriopathy (a circulatory problem of the lower limbs).

Hot spicy

Scientists say eating chiles four times a week It could reduce the risk of dying from a heart attack. The research obtained data from almost 23,000 volunteers for eight years asking them about their diet. The results showed that adults who took this food frequently had less likely to die prematurely

Among the risk factors related to this condition are gender, being over 60, stress levels or overweight

In addition, they had 40% less chance of having a heart attack. Experts discovered that chili compounds (capsaicin, which is anti-inflammatory, and substances that create the burning sensation) were beneficial for the hearts of the participants. However, researchers from the Neuromed Mediterranean Neurological Institute (IRCCS) in Pozzilli They could not prove that this food helped the heart.

All participants lived in the Italian region of Molise, where the Mediterranean diet reigns, considered the healthiest in the world and had to report how often they ate food containing chili pepper. 24% explained that they took it regularly while the rest ingested little or nothing. During the follow-up, 1,236 people died: one third of the deaths were from cancer while heart disease claimed a similar amount.

The report states that people who took chili for more than three times per week reduced their chances of dying by 23%. In addition, the risk of having a heart attack or coronary heart disease was 40 and 34% lower for these regular consumers of spicy.

Control your habits

We do not tell you anything new if we tell you that a healthy life is essential to prevent any disease. Healthy diet, weight control and physical activity. Between the risk factor's related to this condition we find the family background, gender, be over 60, stress levels, overweight, bring a diet rich in sodium and saturated fat, drink a considerable amount of alcohol, be diabetic, sedentary, smoker or take oral contraceptives, among others.

The most normal thing is to resort to the consumption of medications – always under medical prescription – and switch to a Lifestyle heart healthy. This translates into quitting smoking, learning to control stress, exercising regularly, moderating or eliminating alcohol and caffeine, reducing excess weight and, of course, following a healthy and balanced diet.

People who took chili for four times a week reduced their chances of dying by 23%

Other foods that help lower the tension and that you can point on the shopping list to help your health are the lemonsdiuretic fruit natural which favors the elimination of retained liquids. He celery It is also your ally. According to a study from the University of Chicago, it helps improve blood circulation thanks to a compound that relaxes the muscles around the arteries, facilitates blood flow and dilate the vessels also can remove excess sodium through the urine and decrease the volume of blood flowing through the arteries.

He banana, onion, garlic, legumes or artichokes They can also help you. Most have diuretic properties or promote good circulation. Some of them help you with that fluid retention that increases blood pressure. You have the keys dear influential reader, now you just have to want to change your habits.