What would our world be without art and culture?

A world without art and culture would be depressing, suffocating and meaningless. Let’s see why.

Last update: 22 March, 2022

Let’s imagine a world without art or culture; There would be no novels, movies, music, poetry, paintings, theater… Let’s imagine that in that world there is radio and television, but only news is broadcast. everyone studies essential careers; the books are only about law, mathematics, medicine, engineering.

In this world there are no museums, galleries or concerts. Children do not draw or sing; they also do not play with colored toys.

In homes and workplaces, the walls are white and empty. They only talk about economics, politics or science. At parties or celebrations, you only hear the murmur of people and the sound of glasses or cutlery.

We could go on describing this dystopian world, but we already got the point. A world without art and culture would be depressingsuffocating and pointless.

Art is not something that can be taken and left. It is necessary to live.

~Oscar Wilde~

The world without art or culture

Many people underestimate the value of art in humanity and they tend to believe that it is an expendable aspect of life. Although artistic and cultural productions do not satisfy the needs vital of the organism (such as hunger, sleep or thirst), it is also true that without them we would be nothing more than purposeless automatons.

Let’s see some consequences of living in a world without art or culture.

Less fun and joy

One of the most obvious consequences of living in a world without art and culture is the lack of joy and fun. Artistic productions give us a space to marvel, delight and forget about everyday problems.

Who hasn’t cleared their mind by reading a fictional novel or watching a movie? Who has not been moved in front of a painting by Michelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci? These small experiences are what allow us a time out and cultivate our inner space.

The entertainment of art connects us with an intimate and emotional part.

Less understanding and critical thinking

On the other hand, art not only brings joy and relief, but it also reflects the horrors of the world and shows us uncomfortable truths. Many artists have captured in their works those deplorable aspects of humanity, which has opened the eyes of many people and promoted more critical thinking.

These results have not only led us to have greater empathy and kindness with the world around us, but it has also prompted us to speak up and do something about it.

Mirrors are used to see one’s face; the art to see the soul.

~George Bernard Shaw~

less humanity

Art is one of the highest productions of the human species. Through it, artists not only express ideas or emotions, but also transmit messages that make us reflect on our existence, social problems or life in general.

Therefore, it is an essential tool for personal transformation and the education of societies.

Greater social amnesia

Art and culture tell the story of peoples. Therefore, they are important to preserve the identity and heritage of each society, transmitting them from generation to generation.

If we lived in a world without art or culture, we would not be able to identify who we are as a people and what defines us. Likewise, we would ignore the mistakes that our ancestors have made in previous times, so we would be condemned to repeat them.

Without music, life would be a mistake.

~Friedrich Nietzsche~

art as therapy

The importance of art in our lives is also evident in its healing capacity. As a therapy, art can bring peace, happiness, love and hope to human beings.

In these cases, people can go to artistic productions to alleviate their emotional discomfort. Like listening to music to manage sadness or reading a book to clear stress.

In addition, people often create works of art to channel their emotional statesas an attempt at catharsis. It has been proven that these forms of expression have not only contributed to the healing of various psychological disorders, but have also helped people get to know each other better and develop.

Since childhood, art moves us to express ourselves and channel emotions.

Art and culture to be human

In short, a world without art and culture would be populated by people who do not feel or think critically. We would be a kind of robot or primitive animal, whose life purpose does not go beyond guaranteeing their own survival. We would accept everything without question.

Hence the importance of cultivating art and culture in society, including them in our daily lives and education. Nowadays, there are many people who give priority to banal aspects, which do nothing but undermine our distinctive feature as human beings.

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