What vitamins to take for fibromyalgia

While the fibromyalgia It is not very well known, it is a disease that many people suffer and that is currently not covered by social works in Argentina and other countries in the world.

Find out what it is, what its symptoms are, how to reduce them at home and what foods are bad for the fibromyalgia in this article.

Fibromyalgia is a neurological, chronic, rheumatic disease, whose characteristic pains are muscle discomfort, skeletal stiffness, fatigue and even sleep and mood disorders and which occurs mostly in women.

In some cases, it can even cause gastrointestinal disturbances, tingling in the body, depression and cystitis.

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The quarantine product of Covid-19 did not collaborate in this regard. Since the lack of exercise and mobility affected in many cases negatively adding even more body pain and anguish.

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Either way pains are usually very diverse and different in each case in particular, for what it is it is essential to have good medical care.

But, despite the fact that every May 12 commemorates the World Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome DayCurrently, this pathology is not recognized as a disease by the State or by social works.

Even like the discomforts are not verifiableThose who suffer from it maintain that they do not feel understood by their environment not only family and loved ones, but also at work, which implies one more problem.

Therefore, a few weeks ago a bill was presented in the province of Buenos Aires to be recognized among the diseases, in order to provide better responses in treatment.

Although many people seek "Fibromyalgia, how do I heal myself?" It is necessary to know that this disease requires specialized care, therapeutics, treatments that help reduce pain, and depending on the case, drug collaboration.

Statistically it has been verified that approximately 65% of patients improve with good treatment, but everything will depend on the particular case, and on how familiar you are with the information of the disease to know the symptoms, how it evolves and attack them in the best possible way. And above all, do not minimize it and believe that it is a simple fatigue, or stress.

Foods that make fibromyalgia worse

The disease usually affects the routines of people who suffer from it, including eating. While many believe that fibromyalgia and weight loss go hand in hand, the truth is that it is more linked to obesity and being overweight, due to lack of physical exercise and poor calorie management.

Therefore, although in the fibromyalgia the forbidden foods do not exist, it is true that it is necessary to carry out a diet with the necessary calories but always rich in nutrients. This is extremely important to prevent the emergence of new diseases that further weaken people.

From> menu for people with fibromyalgia must be restricted in fat and sugar to prevent obesity, diabetes and other pathologies that may have a negative impact on the patient.

Although with these descriptions it can be quickly associated that the fruit consumption for fibromyalgia It could be good, the truth is that the best is go to a nutritionist that can guide the diet in a balanced and complete way.

Natural supplements for fibromyalgia

Although it has already been clarified that the main thing is to consult with your family doctor who can indicate what steps to follow when the symptoms of this disease appear, it is believed that supplements rich in vitamin D can be effective for the disease.

For those with muscle pain and fatigue, lVitamin D can be a positive complement to other treatments that are carried out under medical supervision.


> According to a report prepared by the Spanish Society of Rheumatology, there are some factors that can contribute to pain.

Among some aspects that they mention, they highlight the importance of carrying out progressively and moderately physical exercise, like rest the hours necessary to not add more body fatigue than the disease brings.

Performing constant and moderate physical exercise can help with fibromyalgia pain

Also, carry out a balanced diet, low in fat and rich in nutrients, and avoid smoking They will help keep the body healthy and strong in order to cope with the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Of course, this must be accompanied by appropriate medical, psychological and nutritional treatment.

And you, did you have knowledge about this disease? Did you have any of these symptoms? What do you think about the bill to be recognized as a disease?