What types of spectacle frames are there?

The variety of glasses that we find in the market is huge and this can become a headache when choosing one. Cost is not the only thing we must evaluate. To make the best choice, it is necessary to know the different types of frames for glasses that exist, taking into account the material and the model.

With this article you will learn to recognize the quality, flexibility and resistance that they can have, as well as the design that best suits you. In this way, you will not have the slightest doubt that your decision will be the best. Don't miss a line!

Metal glasses frame

They are usually found in silver and gold, but they are also painted with colored lacquers. They endure the daily grind and provide a minimalist and elegant touch.

They never go out of style, so there are always many different models. One of the great advantages of this material is that you will not have an annoying weight on your face, as they are light.


Do not panic! You may associate this name with heavy industry, but titanium has been used for these purposes for quite some time. In fact, the glasses look thin and thin, ideal for those who love simplicity.

They are the lightest, most flexible and elastic frames. Their resistance allows them to be enjoyed for a long time, in changing temperatures, that is why they are recommended for older children, athletes and those who work outdoors.

If you have to wear glasses all day and, even more so, if your routine involves sweating, these are the ones for you because they are anti-corrosive. The best thing is that you will not have any reaction, in case you suffer from an allergy to metals.


Its cost is less than that of titanium frames, despite the fact that they keep the same characteristics. This class is a good option for those who have constant contact with the sea for fun or work.

Stainless steel

They are light, but less than titanium ones. Its value tends to be lower compared to other metal frames. As the name implies, they do not rust. In this way, contact with water does not represent a threat.


It is sometimes used in high-end frames. Among its characteristics highlight the lightness, flexibility and durability. Withstands the ravages of time and is suitable for any age or occupation.

The frame of the glasses is not a minor issue. Material determines weight and versatility.


They consist of a mixture of two or more metals. They are flexible and do not corrode. The big drawback is that, although they have a coating whose function is to protect the skin, it can trigger allergies.

Within this category, the most popular are monel frames, made of nickel and copper.


If we talk about flexibility, this material gets all the credits. It results from the mixture with titanium and it suits the youngest like a glove., which remain active. It recovers its original shape after suffering any bending.


More than a mount, it is a jewel. As you must imagine, the crown is among the most expensive.

An alternative is double frames, which contain a mixture of metals inside, but are covered with a layer of gold.

Plastic glasses frame

This type of spectacle frame is made of different plastic materials. They are available unicolor or with mixed colors, so can be adapted to trendy designs, For example, him Animal Print.

Cellulose acetates

Made with wood pulp plus cotton fiber. They are characterized by being super flexible, antiallergic and resistant to chemicals. The most prestigious brands use acetate in their glasses.

In this class, the variety and innovation is wide. They exist for men and women, thin or thick, black or colored. The truth is that they tend to be heavier than metal ones, but the good news is that they do not need pads to hold the nose bridge, which provides comfort and avoids marks.


Its characteristics resemble acetate, but it is an organic plastic that is injected at high temperatures and allows the creation of unique designs on the front. They are brighter, but stiffer.


It is 20% lighter than acetate. Although it is resistant, it can break easily if it was stressed during its manufacture. It is also processed with heat; in fact, if it is exposed to high temperatures it recovers its original shape.


This innovative material it is perfect for sports glasses. It has high flexibility and durability; so much so that you can bend the mount and it won't break for the world. It is also resistant to heat, bending and stress.


Another name that sounds weird, but the reality is that it is distinguished by its chemical and scratch resistance. Typically this product is worn on the front of the frame.


It enjoys great flexibility and endurance against any abrasive agent, such as chemicals. It is transparent and is used, above all, to make platelets for glasses.

Wooden glasses frame

This type of spectacle frame was created for the most exotic and extravagant tastes. They are done manually. Its finish has an innovative, sober, current and authentic touch. If you are a lover of nature, do not hesitate.

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Tips for choosing the ideal glasses frame for your face

Each face is a universe and for each one there is a type of glasses, capable of highlighting qualities and hiding imperfections. The key is in choose a suitable model with your physiognomy. We present you some guides that will guide you in this task.

1. The frame must be below the eyebrows

This is step one. A very common mistake is to decide on a glasses that fits over the eyebrows. Have you thought about it? If you follow this suggestion, rest assured that the frame will not detract from this important part of the face.

2. Round faces with square or rectangular frames

This face shape finds the perfect complement in square or rectangular glasses, since They give the impression of lengthening the face and highlight the features. On the other hand, if you have an oval face, you will notice that almost all types of frames look good on you.

3. Square faces with oval or round frames

This is how it works, in reverse; the contrast does not fail. If this is your case, this form of mount it will tone down your marked features and give you an air of softness. Just by trying on the first model you will realize that you feel great.

4. Elongated faces with long narrow frames

Mission is look for long and narrow glasses, never too big or too small. One infallible advice is to avoid shapes that resemble those of the face. For example, the pear type that enhance the elongation. Also discard the rectangular ones, narrow in height.

5. The color of skin, hair and eyes

After deciding on a model, another dilemma comes: what color to wear? It's simple. If your skin tone is light, frames in metallic colors They are ideal. You can also buy the dark pasta; black and blue are good options.

If, on the other hand, your skin is brown or golden, the bronze frames are better for you or the plastic ones in colors.

When it comes to hair, if it is dark, opt for dark frames, with a garnet or blue. While light, grayish or gray manes go well with pastel or silver frames.

When it comes to eye color, there is no general rule, but when measuring your glasses you should keep in mind that the tone of the frame can make the look look darker or lighter.

The face of a child is not the same as that of an adult, nor are the colors and skin tones similar. That is why there is a glasses for each particularity.

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6. The size and shape of the nose matter

For large noses, it is best to choose large frames, but with thin bridges to disguise the size. Meanwhile, small noses work with not-so-big glasses. One way to pronounce it lightly is with a wide or colorful bridge.

Take into account not only aesthetics, but comfort. The nasal bridge is final in the choice. Make sure you don't feel any discomfort.

If your bridge is not very pronounced, opt for a platelet mount (those little transparent pads). This will ensure that the glasses hold and do not fall with any movement.

Final recommendations for choosing your frame for glasses

Consider the visual defect, as this affects the type of glass and frame. Try on various models and in different colors. Take the risk to imagine a different one than what you always choose. You may be surprised!

Ask in the store for the type of material and go for a strong, comfortable and lightweight one. Besides looking nice, feel good about yourself. You will be prepared to show the image you want with your own style.

Don't forget your daily routine. The final model should fit in with your frequent outfit. For example, if you have an executive job, it does not agree to always wear excessively extravagant glasses.