What types of olive oil are there? Not all are equal

The olive oil It has earned the first place in healthy food within the Mediterranean diet. And is that their benefits are endless. It is not only admired for its intense flavor but also because it helps prevent heart disease, different types of cancer, diabetes, obesity and even combat aging. We tell you a list of their classes:

Extra virgin. It is in the lead in terms of quality and is obtained through the cold pressing of freshly harvested olives. It is considered the healthiest because it contains an indecent amount of antioxidants. Health experts recommend this variety in salads and pastas.

Virgin (without more). This is slightly inferior to the previous one, but it should not be discarded. It is suitable for frying, sautéing and baking. In addition, it is perfect for keeping the skin young and soft and the hair shiny.

Refined. One of the most economical. It is obtained through the processing of virgin olive oil to eliminate its natural acidity. Thanks to the refined to which it has been subjected, it loses its original flavor and aroma. You can use it for cooking, but it is not recommended as a dressing for salads and so on.

-Pure. His name is deceptive since of purity he has little. Actually this variety is the result of mixing extra virgin olive oil and refined. Like the latter, the cigar is not advisable for salads, but it is still acceptable for cooking.

-Light. It's not that it has fewer calories, which means it's the lowest grade of olive oil. That is, it does not contain the same amount of antioxidants or nutrients as other oils. That yes, it is still valid for the pan and the oven.

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